Book Of The Moment...

I am reading “Before I go to sleep” by SJ Watson.

In short I really am enjoying this book. I am about half way through and without giving too much away, this is a book about a woman who has amnesia and when she sleeps at night her memory is wiped blank. Every day she wakes up not knowing who she is or where she is.

It is very interesting and I feel there is a dark twist coming!! I could be wrong….oh the excitement!

I am not a literary genius by any stretch but I do love reading. I read pretty much everything. I wouldn’t be able to say what my favourite genre is but I know for sure I don’t like books that make me cry or are violent. Reading is one of my favourite things to do and I don’t want to spend my reading time crying!!

This is the author’s first novel and this author is going on my "one to watch" list.

Quick Mr. SJ Watson, write another one!!

Excuse the bookmark.