Monday, 31 December 2012

Looking Forward...

I love this article by Sitting on a bench called "looking forward" This was done with Christmas in mind. It has inspired me to think about my year ahead and what I am looking forward 2013

Let me see...
  • Evenings getting longer, hate how it gets dark early in Winter time, so looking forward to the long evenings
  • Spring, my daffodils, god I hope they are growing!!
  • Doing some work on the house
  • Being more crafty and getting a glue
  • Going to collect things that can be a crafty way
  • Booking my holidays...wish list, revisit my fav's NYC and Lanzarotte and Machester for a match
  • Working blog things
  • Meeting my new blog buddies.....This I am really looking forward to
  • Printing more photos and hanging them
  • Having a "good things" jar, write down the good things that happen and put them in a jar, I like this!
  • Buying a great new note book for 2013
  • And Life surprises
These are not resolutions, I don't do resolutions because I wouldn't have the will to see them true.

What are you looking forward to?


Sunday, 30 December 2012

Manchester Nails...

Great Deal in Boots, €12ish

Sally Hanson Wraps

Finished Product


Saturday, 29 December 2012

Weekend Jibber Jabber...

I hope we made it all safe through the Christmas... I took a break and I really enjoyed it. I am a bit tired from all the commotion but happy all the same.Everything went off smoothly.....Though I really missed my blog....kiss kiss!

So much to say....and where to begin....

Santa was good to me! Got some nice gifts, I may do a post later to show off what I
I ate relatively well over the Christmas....and drank wasn't planned, I wasn't really hungry for eating, if you know what I mean, I ate no biscuits or sweets and drank very little....I think its a Christmas miracle!!!Thought the TV was kinds rubbish, but I do have some films Sky plused for the weekend...Girl with Dragon Tattoo, to name but one!

Highlights of the Christmas were....

  • Everyone home safe on Christmas Eve. Always a worry when my family are driving.
  • My sisters CRACKING mulled wine on Christmas eve
  • My gifts....
  • Board Games.Monopoly,Smart Ass, The 5 second Rule and Outburst. They were our savour this Christmas, I won one game! Another Christmas miracle!!!
  • Christmas Photos...
What were your highlights??

Things that didn't get done....
  • Mince Pie Tray Bake: I saw Rachel Allen make this on TV. So I tried it out last week, ate all the mince pies and said must make one for home, never did. I will post next week. It so handy for making mince (Pie) squares
  • Xmas Decorations  That I didn't get around to making, a door hanging, a decoration, counter display, find a use for spare Christmas baubles I had...the list is endless....
Christmas Projects not done!!
Things I will do Sales shopping,with Hubbie and a spin into town to do some food shopping, and a quick nose in the shops.....oh and get dressed!!


Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Message..

I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Be safe, be good to each other, don't drink and drive, and wear a hi vis jacket if out waking off the turkey.

Thanks to everyone who have supported my wee blog this year. I have loved every minute of it and interacting with everyone and enjoying a the little windows into your lives.

Spare a thought to those less fortunate than us...

Especially those we have lost dear to over us this Christmas, keep us safe...People we have lost this year or other years.....

Those special people who will be in our thoughts an prayers....

We miss you.....

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Meme

I have been tagged by Super Amazing Mum  so I am honored to take part!

I will be a quicky....I am not entirely sure what being tagged in this means but I will do me best!! Like S.A.M said its Christmas!!

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Going home, and being at home...all my family being at home at one time....

What is your favourite make up look for the season?
Natural with a bit of red lippy!!

Real or Fake tree?
Oh, I am fake all the way, I need all the shortcuts I can get at this busy time!!!

Giving or receiving presents?
Giving, I just love it!! but who does not like getting them too

Do you open your presents in the morning or the evening??
Christmas Eve in our house

What is your favourite Christmas Film?
Polar Express all the way

What is your favourite Christmas Food?
Turkey.... and mulled wine, not a food but a drink


Christmas Day...Traditions,,,

I am so into Christmas, I love it.

My favorite Christmas tune is " Driving home for Christmas, by Chris Rea", simply because I am always driving home for Christmas and happily so.

I love landing (arriving) home to all the bustle I described here. Seeing everyone. getting the party food out, drinks ready, putting the pressies under the tree....We don't have dinner on Christmas Eve because it is usually late by the time we arrive home so drinks and nibbles are perfect.

Then when we are appropriately settled, we usually have a visit by my brother's lovely girlfriend and her best wee man, her son.

We give him his gifts and have a good chat, find out what is on his letter to Santa.They head home because we must be in bed early because Santa is coming....

We open pressies and take our Christmas photos.

Every year I do the food list, I divide it out to all and everyone has something to buy and to be responsible for some of the Christmas food.

On Christmas morning Dad makes sure the range is firing on all hot...(nothing new here, Dad really puts our Stanley to the test. the fire is on 24/7), we stick the Turkey in the oven with the food thermometer. Everyone gets a food prep job, even my Husband.One of my sisters doesn't do cooking so she is fully in charge of drinks and mulled wine and tasting it to make sure it's JUST RIGHT.....

Poor mum usually is told to sit down, with a wee drink and only called upon if we have a cooking query. It's her day

Dinner happens about 3pm, well really when its ready.We fill the plates with food for everyone and everyone takes a plate instead of having the turkey etc on the table. One of my sisters hates Brussel sprouts and always says "no" to them, but staying true to tradition she gets them anyway!!We pull crackers, put on the hats, read the jokes and eat,eat eat.....bliss

Then dessert, pudding with custard or one of the 3 coloured triffles, a tradition my Husband brought to my home when we got married.

We load the dish washer, on one of the two occasions int the year it get another drink,have tea or have mulled wine if  my sister has not drank it, retire to sitting room to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or play monopoly or snooze

I love all the wonders and happiness that Christmas brings to me and to those who are close to me...


Saturday, 22 December 2012

Mercure Manchester Picadilly Hotel

Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel.
We stayed here for our trip to Manchester.

Good bits...
  • Location,location, location...perfect for shopping.
  • Tram right outside, and one stop away from Picidilly Train Station (£1) for trains to Airport! To Old Trafford Stadium about 10 minutes on tram and £5.40 return for 2 adults
  • Check-in ok, we arrived at 1pm and waited about 10 minutes to check in
  • Room perfect for our needs, clean and sufficient room.

No luxury but clean!

  • View of square is lovely, especially at night with all the lights.(see pic in restaurant below)
Primark to the right of this pic
  • Hotel bar and restaurant was lovely. We ate there both nights. You can sit by the window and enjoy the night lights.Staff very friendly and efficient.



Bad Bits...
  • Room walls are paper thin. It was Xmas party season and not the fault of the hotel but they should have tried to separate the non party people away from the party people.I always travel with ear plugs. 
  • Our key to the room had to be re-programmed 3 times...but I think that was my fault with the mobile and the key side by side, but didn't know this till the 3rd time the staff member told me!
Overall, it was a nice hotel with more good bits than bad. I like the Mercure chain.I have stayed in them before and will again!


Friday, 21 December 2012

Weekend Jibber Jabber....

A big thanks to my sister for guest blogging for me while I was away. She had never blogged before and was up of the challenge when I suggested it to her. Good woman, Bee! Thank you all for your kind comments on her posts. She was delighted! I have her for "Not So Secret Santa", so Bee it's going to be fab!

Manchester was fab....loved it...been before and will go again...The week was short because we were away.
Christmas next....can't wait. I am all organised. Just have to pack my bags for home and I love doing that.

Enjoying this week...

  • Counting the days to Christmas.....
  • Wrapping Pressies: It never ceases to make me happy 
  • Christmas Lights: looking at the lights when driving home in the dark
  • Linking up my christmas tree: Spotted this when enjoying my daily read of Heart & Soul so popped over to Kimberlys Korner to link me tree! Fun!
  • Making Mulled wine and mince Pies: That is my plan for the weekend!

Not Enjoying this week....

  • Nothing.....great!

Thursday, 20 December 2012


I mentioned I was heading off to Manchester City for a weekend break with the Hubbie.  I am glad to say we had a lovely time...

Flew with Ryanair for €40 return, bargan...
Hubbie and I chilling waiting to depart!
At the front of the Ryanair line: Now this was an experience in its self as we usually hang back, get on at the end and with Ryanair we are usually not flying too far so sitting separately is ok. But we found ourselves first in Don't laugh at the socks tied around the suitcases, to easily recognize them...
Woo Hoo ,first in line!
Where we stayed...
Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel. Location,location, location...perfect.Will do a separate post on the hotel

What we did...

Day 1.
We are Man U all the way in our house so being the dutiful wife I went off to Man U v Sutherland in Old Trafford on Saturday.
Took the tram from outside our hotel to Trafford Bar and walked 10 minutes to the stadium.We won 3-1. Great excitement and fun.
This is the team warming up.
Headed back to town afterwards. Had dinner in Hotel as I was too lazy to go anywhere else. And headed to the huge Primark at the end of the street to do a wee shop! Bought a few bits...
Back to hotel for drinks and bed!!

Day 2.
All the times we have been to matches in Old Trafford, we have never done the stadium tour, so as a treat to Hubbie off we went to the stadium to do the tour...Jess, I am a good wife!! We were 2 minutes late to eat breakfast in the Red Cafe, which I have to say, I was so disappointed about it. I thought it would have more of a sense of occasion about just looks like a canteen....a school one! So had coffee and waited for the tour. Enjoyed it so much. May do a separate post on this.

Back to town to do more shopping. I have to admit I wasn't as successful as my Hubbie. I think lately I have got some nice bits at home I really wasn't looking very hard and also conscious of the sales coming up.I bought some bits and so did Hubbie.

Walked the markets, drank hot chocolates,  Signitues from Starbucks, my fav and headed back to hotel for dinner.....again too lazy.

Morning of Day 3.
Squeezed in a couple of hours shopping in the morning, Primark was open at 8am, before we had to head back to hotel to get train to airport.

Manchester is lovely for shopping. The Arndale shopping center is huge. But I am thinking next time, we may stay somewhere closer to the Trafford Center to experience the shopping there and stay away from the city center!

Sometimes its just lovely to get away and stroll about, drinking coffees, chatting and chilling out.....


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mini Haul....Penneys Dec 2012

Some bits and bobs from Penneys......

Boots, boots lovely boots

Size 5, €20

Bits and bobs...
Tights €3, Hair Ties €1.50, Combs €1.50, Belt €3


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Top 10 Searches....

I googled this..
This week a report of Google's top 10 searches for the year were published and in the top ten questions start in with “How do i…..” were the questions” how do I knit and how do I crochet.” 

his is actually my sister knitting...
I have to admit I was one of these people to google these questions. If your interested in starting up one of these pastimes, there are crochet/knitting sets in Lidl at the moment starting from €1.99

Here are some great sites to start off and here

Hope these give you some help starting out.

Best of luck!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Moves like Mike Jaggor

This week in the news paper,after 50 years in the music business with The Rolling Stones, Mike Jaggor has recently shared the top 10 things he's learned in rock n' roll

In my life time I will no doubt have nowhere near the amount of wisdom and life experience that comes with 50 years of rock and roll but this list of life lesson got me thinking about the lessons that I have to offer. I would not attempt a ten point list but here are some I have to share:
  1. Money isn’t everything, good friends are.
  2. Make a conscious effort to smile.
  3. Self confidence is the best weapon in any situation.
  4. There is no such thing as a stupid question.
  5. You teach people how to treat you.
What are your life lessons?


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Life Changing Read...

Looking for that life changing read...

In a recent conversation with a very good friend of mine I admitted that I have not read "To kill a mocking bird, by Harper Lee ". Out of the book she quoted the following lines ““You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”

Sense the age of 13 these lines stayed with her she found it a eye opening and life changing book.

I am an avid reader but in all my years reading I have not had this experience and I am determined to find it…

A little book called "The Five People You Meet in Heaven,by Mitch Albom" is the closest thing I have got to like changing. It is a very dear book to me and as a believer of things happening for a reason, this book sums this belief up in a heart worming story.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven,by Mitch Albom"
What is your life change read??

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Guest Blogger.....

Guest Blogger.....

Hi all. My name is Bee. I am very excited to be guest blogging for J for the next 4 days, while she is taking time off with her Hubbie.

Blogging is a whole new concept and experience to me....

I would like to do a version of Weekend Jibber Jabber......So here it goes.....

This has been a crazy week for me.It has gone so fast and with Christmas just around the corner, I am getting more anxious to get all my ducks in a row.

Enjoying this week....
  • Pinterest: I am addicted…. And its J’s fault. This week alone I have been late 3 times wholly because of Pinterest.
  • Went to visit my gran. Had a great visit, really enjoyable, but its never long enough.
  • I have taken up knitting again.. 
Not enjoying this week...
  • My other half has a cold sore so no kisses : (
  • Not enough time in the day. 3 more Christmas presents to get and no time to get them.
  • Knitting is so slow. I need a project that’s fast and easy to do. A scarf is easy but not fast…. Honestly thought of switching to crochet coz I found 12 easy and quick crochet projects on Pinterest. : ) one being 30 minutes infinity scarfs.
Hope you all have a great weekend.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Weekend Jibber Jabber....

It is our wedding anniversary and we are off to Manchester for a little weekend away...So looking forward to it....

While I am gone, my sister is going to guest blog. So she will have some lovely posts for you, who I, must add, is not a blogger. On Monday there will be no Monday Musings of an Infant Blogger.

Enjoying this week...
  • Christmas Tunes: I love Andre Bocelli. I am a huge fan of Andrea. Bought this CD last year and so loved bringing it out this year, dusting it down and playing it. Think this may be a new Christmas Tradition.My Hubbie had a lovely surprise for me last Sunday morning when he had Sky Plused Andrea Bocelli - My Christmas on Sky Arts 2 for me. So I enjoyed it during my long Sunday lie in!!

  • Christmas Cards: Mine are all done and posted.....and love getting them in the post
  • Planning Christmas Dinner: I have the food list done out and split is out between all of my siblings, so Mum doesn't have too much to do.Even my brother will have to do some food shopping. 
  • Christmas Carol Service: It was lovely and so festive. We had ours on Monday night, lots of singing!
  • Working with my sister: As she is guest bloggin, we are working on her posts for Life, loves and..and its so much fun
  • Updating my Santa list: It was well over due...
Not enjoying this week...
  • Weekend Away Packing: So hard to decide what to bring... I only have carry on and plan to only wear what I am wearing over so my bag is empty for shopping.

Have a lovely weekend,folks


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Kiss Full Cover Nails, Square Short...

NOTD....or rather night

Here are my nails from date night....
Tools set out

Measure the nails against your own and lay out

Glued on
This is a skill on its own. I find its best to put glue on the back of the nail and slide it onto your own nail. But you have to be quick with this or you are in danger of gluing your fingers to the nail! Tricky...I have air bubbles on most of my nails in this pick which means they will not last and will pop off. When I am wearing these nails I carry the glue with me just in case.
These are square short but I prefer these a bit shorter so I have a cutter from Salon Services which cost me about €12

As you can see from this pic above these are neat and tidy nails...

These paint well and the polish last really well

Close up

Kiko 326 and Barry M NP 349

What you think?


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Decorations...

I have them up and nearly there, I blogged a pic of my tv here...

Here is my tree, it's in my kitchen. I wanted it here because this where we spend most of our time.

Our Tree
I need to sort out under the plan is to decorate some empty shoe boxes to fill it up so it does not look so bare. Would love a little train to go around it....

And here is Frosty! On my window sill above my sink, he greets  me every time I wash a cup!

Below is like my Halloween Pumpkin from mum, this is my Christmas Tree with little bells which sits on my coffee table...
Quilted Christmas Tree
I want to make a counter display so I need to trawl Pinterst for inspirations!


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Bake Day....

My Nacho Cheese...

Really there is no baking to is, more grilling. Is that baking?? I don't know

This is one of my staple Friday/Saturday night snacks. Around 9ish when Hubbie and I are watching tv and getting peckish...Bold I know but life is way too short...

This is so yum and also there is no washing up!

Ingredients chips, cheese, salsa and créme fraíche
Get a baking tray and cover it with foil, I use a swiss roll tin.I usually use 3/4 of this chip bag.

Spread chips out evenly over tin

Dollop on the salsa,I am particular ,it has to be evenly distributed!

Sprinkle on grated cheese

Grill until cheese melts and dollop some sour cream on the side

Presentation is not great but lay a towel on the coffee table and put the tray on it
And enjoy with your tipple of your choice!! When finished just peel off the tin foil and pop in washing up!! Brilliant

What is your Friday night snack??


Monday, 10 December 2012

Musings of an Infant Blogger...

Blogger Meet Up:
No new additions this week but  not too worry...I am so looking forward to meeting with you all. And if you know a fellow blogger friend who would like to come, let them know...invite them!

The Flaky Fashionista
Sweet like Cinnamon
Anne, Heat and Soul
Raindrops and Daisys
The Magpie Girl
Mum of all Trades
School Gate Style 

And Me

Everything is a blog:
It's amazing that when you start blogging everything you do is a blog, everything you see is a blog. My biggest problem currently is that I am heading to Manchester.I am flying with Ryanair and I have no checked in luggage. So do I take my good Cannon, which will take up vital shopping space in my carry on or do I rely on my phone!!!

I will leave you with my morning view as I drink my coffee...

Frosry Morn


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Date Night...,Kevin Bridges

Well we had such fun last night. We laughed so much. Went to see Kevin Bridges on his second last night of his tour. And it was so goooooood. We had some dinner, drinks and off to the show!

Kevin Bridges
He is a real funny guy. I had hoped to get a pic but that didn't happen Still here is a link to his web site and to his DVD.


Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Dresses...

Yes, not only do I have my Christmas shopping done but I have my party dress bought too....smug some!!

My going out dress....I wore this on date night to Kevin Bridges. I wore it with 120 denier black tights from Penneys and black shoe boots. I am a size 14 and this medium was perfect! Hubbie though so!! It comes in Navy and Forest Green. I don't normally go for black but they other colours were not for me.


And my casual dress for Christmas....

This is a large and I love love love this dress. Fits lovely and I can dress it up or down. I have wore this with the above referenced tights and my H&M boots.Think I will wear this on Christmas day with my Santa Hat.

I confess, I am not promising I will not purchase again before Christmas....

Have you got your party dress yet??


Friday, 7 December 2012

Weekend Jibber Jabber...

It has been a CRAZY week... I am soooo wrecked and sore all over...Why? I hear you ask. Well I was helping my friend open her clothes store and I tell you it was tough going...but she is open and happy!

Enjoying this week...

  • Kevin Bridges: Off to see him tonight....Can't wait for date night! Going for dinner first and then off to the Show! Will let you know how it goes...
  • New Dresses: Will post next week...have my Christmas Day one got!
  • Christmas Decorations: I have them all up since last Friday. Delighted to have it done and enjoyed it more this year than last.

around my tv
I just need 2 little figurine for in front of tv.I think these raindeers from Dunnes Stores Paul Costello

Dunnes Stores Paul Costello

  • Costa Hot Chocolates: so seasonal and yummy!
  • Manchester: Planning, what to do, where to eat and where to shop!

Not enjoying this week...

  • Being Tired: I think I need a tonic or a holiday....oh that's right off to Manchester next weekend!Woo Hoo

Have a lovely weekend everyone!