Penneys/Primark Sept Haul 2012

This is just a wee haul, 3 items to be exact but I thought I would share.

€8 Fleece PJ's, not very sexy but very necessary for cold nights. I got caught last year and didn't buy these in time and they were sold out.

€22(I think) Red Blazer with zip pocket detail.I trided to do a close up to show you that this blazer has lovely line detail in it and I love the buttons. I may need to take my pics with my Cannon camera for better detail. These pics were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S.

€17 (I think). This is a lovely sheer bow tie orange blouse. I love this, my favourite and a very seasonal colour. Orange along with red are my favourite colours.This is very nice with a vest underneath, dark blue skinnies or high waisted flares jeans.I bought a size 14 and it just covers the behind!

In future I will be better at keeping the tags on or the receipt so I can tell you exactly how much items were.