Autumn is here….

Autumnal Inspiration: My eyes lit up when I saw this and I wanted to share it. It’s from “elements for inspiration”. It encapsulates all things autumnal! 
Reasons why Autumn is here...
Footwear: I am putting away my sandals, flip flops, wedges and bringing down my winter boots, shoes….uuuuggggthhh. I held on to the bitter end with the toes out but it’s not fun running around town in flip flops and your toes getting wet with the puddles.

Winter clothes: Leggings, jeans, tights, boots, jumpers, coats, lovely layers, scarves (not woolly ones, too soon). I am a great one for neck scarves. I have loads, I have my eye on one Laura from Buy now blog later is wearing here from Primark.

Socks: I have to start wearing sock…………and no one will see my pretty toe nail polish…

Tan is fading: Frowned upon by many but my natural tan is all but gone……….boohoo

Duvet: I have one of those duvets that you can split into two togs. A light one when split and when joined together, a heavier one. I am not ready to bring down the duck down one yet! Today I joined the two duvets together.

Stove: The stove was lit last night for the first time since, I would say, March of this year. I have a love affair with my stove in my Living room. When it is lit everything is cozy, warm and safe!

Evenings closing in: I hate this. It is dark at 8pm in the evenings now and it is challenging for those who have outdoor jobs to do in the evening, like Hubbie and I with the farm.

Dark Mornings: This I hate equally as the evenings closing in.

Nip in the air: It is definitely colder, maybe it’s the wind chill factor but I find it colder

Halloween: Not much to say but I love this holiday, Pumkins, Pumkins, Pumkins. I refuse to entertain Christmas until Halloween is out. I am a huge one for both holidays.

Hot Porridge: I am a great fan of porridge. For summer I have it cold and soaked overnight in natural yoghurt and I add fruit to it. Now it’s hot from the microwave made with low fat milk, with some maple syrup.
Why not try Flahavan's Real Fruit Porridge., I love it and I am good to myself by sprinkling on some cinnamon.

Colours: The colour orange (my favourite), plums, navy, dark green, gold….

Fruit: Apples and blackberries…ooh there is a jam there…..

What are the things you notice with the arrival of Autumn?



  1. J, I like u, fought with Septber clotheswise and lost, out came the knee length boots and fleece lined jacket last week. My only concession is that I haven't worn any black tights cause as soon as I do itll be black legs till April at least!! On the plus side , my hot water bottle has come into play!!- toastie warm!!! That has to be my favourite Autumn thing right now. Loving the blog!!!

    1. Thanks, I agree with you the tights....I to have managed to avoid them thus far! Thanks for you comment and thanks for reading my blog.

  2. Thanks, Rachie, I had to cut the list down as it was getting way to long. Glad you liked it!


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