Bake Day...

I am having a busy  morning

Here is what I baked... Butterfly Cupcakes

The recipe is for fresh cream cupcakes but I just finished them as butterfly cupcakes.

One of my all time favourite combinations.....Cake, Cream, Jam! I haven't baked in ages as it usually means I end up eating half of what I have just baked.Not good for the waist line. It could be half an apply tart, have a brown bread, half a tray bake, I could go on but I think you get the message.  You see I was reared (is that how you spell that, it looks wrong) on home baking. My mother makes wonderful breads and when we were young she used to make everything from doughnuts (with the brother), fairy cakes (remember these), flapjacks, ginger biscuits, sausage rolls, scones (all types), tarts and my favourite Treacle bread! Now she sticks to the breads. Which is fine by me as they are YUM.

I got the recipe off the back of an Odlums Flour pack.

Odlums Self Raising Flour

I substituted the fresh fruit for a dollop of red Jam!

While I waited for the buns to cook and before I did the washing I licked the

And then I ate 3 buns!



  1. hi j. i love this recipe! have tried it before as a basic cupcake recipe but added a decoration if icing. turned out a treat!

  2. Thanks Laura, I will certainly be keeping this recipe, and like you decorating in different ways. I found this recipe makes 7 muffins and I would say if your using smaller buns tins it would make 12.
    Happy baking and thanks for your comment!


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