Bake Day...

Auntie Lilly's Ginger Bread...

This recipe was given to me. I ate some of this cake and loved it and asked for the recipe. I love when that happens, I think it's so personal, like I share a little piece of them.

I think this bread is more a cake than a bread, but either way its yum.

This recipe makes two 2lb loafs. So make it when you are having guests or if your going visiting...

18oz Plain Flour
3tsps Ground Ginger
Pinch of Salt
8 fozs (240mls) luke warm water
8 Gozs vegitable oil
3 eggs
8 ozs sugar
2tsps Mixed Spice
1 tsp Baking Powder
8 fozs Golden Syrup ()
1tsp baking soda dissolved in 3 tblsp luke warm water

Method: (The best kind, may I add.)
Preheat oven at 170c, Middle shelf, adjust if a fan oven
2 hours, 2llb loaf tins

Beat all above together for 2 minutes and pour mixture between 2 tins

Test as usual to ensure baked

Finished Product...
Ginger Bread
This was the first time I made this. I have had the recipe for a long time and because it makes two loaves I had to wait till I was going visiting. My sister moved into a new house so I brought one loaf to her...

I have a fan oven. I am sure there is a non fan option on it but I did'nt adjust for that and so my loaf cooked too fast on the outside. I covered it with tin foil and watched it  and tested it to see if it was ready. Mine took about 1 hour 10mins.

Still delicious....

Next time I am going to adjust the oven and see. Also make sure the mix is well incorporated.

Happy Baking!

I am off to make a cup of tea and have a slice or two...who knows!!!

Here is a wee snap of my foggy morning! My view to go with my tea and ginger bread.

Foggy Morn



  1. There really is nothing like home made!!

    1. Very true, but I end up eating it all.....
      Thanks for dropping by

  2. Hi J. Just wanted ya to know that i tried your ginger bread and it was fab. Really moist but the slices hold together nicely. Great recipe.

    1. Thanks Laura, glad you enjoyed it!
      Thanks for commenting and stopping by

  3. Love this recipe - going to try over the Halloween holidays! Also had a lovely half hour catching up on your recent blog posts. Sorry for not dropping by for a while. Hard to keep all the plates spinning! Thanks as always for your lovely comments on my blog - they always brighten up my day, Avrilxx

    1. Thanks Avril for taking the time to stop by. I find that you have similar style questions that I find I have sometimes and its great to read your thoughts....I enjoy reading yours!I am glad I brighten your day!!


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