Book Of The Moment...Game of Thrones

Well rather BOOKS of the moment.

I am loyally sticking to my blog reading list and my kind sister has given me the 4 books of the Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin.

Game of Thrones Books 1-4
Ok, I am not going to be quick at reading these as the books are massive!! My sister enjoyed them and we would have similar tastes in books.Maybe they will be read like the Twilight series,were I ATE the books....

I am going to add a new book to my list today. I have a few in mind but I need to research them first, to make my choice.

Have you read The Game of Thrones series, if so let me know what you thought?

Other Ramblings:
I started putting away my summer clothes and swapping them for the winter ones. Didn't quite finish the job. So must get that done today...



  1. Loved the game of thrones series!!! Have u seen the sky Atlantic tv show yet?? Sean bean as ed stark, yum!!

    1. No I am going to hold off and read the books first then get the box set. That is what I tend to do! Stuck in the first book already.


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