This one I struggle with…Am I creative? I like to think I am. I like to think that everyone is. One just has to find their "something" to channel their creativity. Practice it and get confident.

But up until now and contra to what I have said above, I didn't think I was and I had not identified the way that best suits me channel my creativity until I discovered blogging. Since I bit the bullet about doing it, it is so addictive and I am so enjoying it. I am enjoying the writing, researching, editing posts, planning, trying to organise my ideas, and taking photographs…

Hubbie tells me I will kill my energy by spending too much time doing "blog work", which at the moment is really easy to do. I think he is right!

My mother and my sisters are very creative. My mother is an artist.She is first and foremost a painter. A painter of landscapes but she can turn her hand at any craft though. At the moment she mainly paints and quilts.
This is a quilt she made me when I moved into my new home and fits my 6ft bed. It is one of my most treasured possessions.

Quilt made by Mum

And she made this little pumpkin for the season that is in it.

Pumpkin made by Mum
Are you creative?



  1. That quilt is beautiful and I love that pumpkin too - very seasonal! You must display it for halloween! x

  2. Hi Rachie
    Thanks for taking time to read my post. Ya, Mum gave it to me this weekend and I was delighted. My pumpkin is out and sitting proudly in the living room.

  3.'s like the ebb and flow of tidal waters. Sometimes I find myself swamped with inspiration, and at others I draw a complete blank :D Just make sure you have notebook to capture all the ideas that rush into your mind at unexpected times!

  4. Thanks Smriti for stopping by. U put it well "ebb and flow of tidal waters". I like that. I do have a note book, two in fact one at my desk and one in my purse. But need to organise myself seriously...


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