Daffodil Planting...

They are my favourite flower....simple as that and I wanted some planted.

We are not long in our house and the outside is not finished (neither is the inside for that matter) so I have no garden.I have been relying on my mother-in-law's supply of daffodils. This year, I bit the bullet ,without discussing with Hubbie, and bought a 7kg bag of mixed daffodils to plant along our avenue.

Now in hiensight it would probably have been easier to have consulted Hubbie in the matter of planting the said daffodils as he would have strimmed the verge for me so it would have been easier to plant.

Needless to say I have had 3 sessions of planting now since yesterday morning. You will understand when when you see the pics... and don't laugh. I am willing to put myself out there with my lack of planning and gardening skills....

Daffodil Planting
As you can see the verge is very over grown. This is because Hubbie has not had a chance to strim it.Now "Why not do it myself" I hear you ask,well our strimmer is a huge industrial yoke, and I would probably fly away with it.

So I used what is called a "fencing bar" to make the holes for the bulbs.The soil here along the avenue is so compacted. A fencing bar is a long bar made of steel that is use to make a hole in the ground so you can stand a fencing post in it while you hammer it into the ground.It' very heavy.

I made the holes and debated whether they were deep enough for the bulbs. This deliberation wore off the longer the planting session went on. In the end I just made HOLES....lol

Popped the bulb in and covered it up again......did this for an hour yesterday evening and gave up. Hubbie came home helped me....said why didnt I wait till he had strimmed? I wondered the same thing. Did an hour of planting yesterday evening and a hour this morning.

And so I am finished and I am going to give my sister the remaining 20 odd bulbs..

The ground I am planting in really should have been strimmed first. But my Hubbie is flat out and I didnt want to add to his jobs but the over growth really made the job hard. But he has assured me it will be done.

I don't even know if they will grow....Still at least I tried...