Embracing your rage...

Blow your car horn!

On a recent trip with my sister I discovered she is “car horn shy”

When it comes to the car horn I use it. Now, I am not some crazy “beeper” by any means, but if someone does something stupid on the road and deserves a “beep”, they get one.

For example, sister was turning right off main road. A car was in front of her and was also turning right. Indicators on, all ok, car in front turns right and sister follows to turn right, road clear and safe to do so, until STUPID car in front decides to stop dead on road directly when turned right, to talk to someone on side walk, leaving my sister to drive around her.

Now we were driving 10 miles an hour, no speed, but “car horn shy” sister drives around the car and heads on her way, with me saying “blow your horn, sister” and to my dismay she did not……………

And for all the road drivers that think I am a mind reader, I am not….use your indicators…

Do you suffer from “car horn shyness”? or  Do you beep your car horn??