How old is my Tree...

I have a very big and old sycamore tree in front of my house.You would have seen this it in previous posts  here and here.

My Sycamore Tree

Currently, the leaves are turning and they are so yellow and brown.

Leaves are turning
I know is has to be around the100 year old mark.When I question Nanny about it she says she is not sure how old it is (she is 88) but she remembers her sister swinging on it and unfortunately she lost an eye on a twig....sorry a bit of a Halloween story there.
So from that I deduce from that is must be around the 100 year old mark.

So I went about trying to determine how old my beloved tree is,obviously without cutting it. Google yielded a solution and thanks to Missouri Department of Conservation I was able to determine an approimate age.

  1. First, determine tree diameter in inches measured at 54 inches above ground level. = 132"
  2. Remember that diameter equals circumference divided by 3.14 (pi). = 132"/3.14=42.04
  3. Multiply the diameter in inches by the appropriate growth factor to determine the estimated age of your tree..= Sycamore growth factor is 4, 42.04 x 4 = 168 years...
WOW 168 YEAR OLD......

I am so surprised but so delighted....