List Lolita...

"List" are my life, my security blanket. I love lists. My family make fun of me and my lists, but Hubbie is wise, he know it works for me!!
I don't think I could function if I don't have my lists.I have lists for everything. The reason being is is that I can be distracted and I am not great at trying to remember things. So I write it down, keep a list and it keeps me on track. I don't forget anything!

Lists I have at the mo:
  • Shopping list
  • List of Weekend outings for Hubbie and me
  • List of short term jobs around our home
  • List of long term jobs around our home
  • List of jobs Hubbie (with my help) has to do around other family members homes.
  • List of jobs to do on a given day
  • List of programs I need to sky plus
  • Book list (one on blog, as well)

Blog Lists: blogging has added a new bundle of lists I didn't have before!!
  • Baking
  • Ideas
  • Santa list for me and for others I buy for!!
  • List of projects
  • List of blog developments

Medium for lists
  • White board in kitchen
  • Post its by my PC
  • Notebook in handbag (which reminds me I need a cute new one...must research)
  • Notes app on phone
  • Old envelopes/receipts (though these make me nervous, I could loose them)
Yesterdays List
Am I the only one obsessed with lists........



  1. Hello Kindred Spirit! I too love lists ... have no idea how anyone operates without them!

    1. I know, lol
      Now need to make my list for today!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have a huge obsession with lists! I make one every morning before I go to school of all the things I need to do for the day. Other lists I have are book list for books I want to read, list of things needing to be done long term, and newly is a blogging list and a NaNoWriMo list. This are only a few but ones I use a lot.

    1. Delighted I am not alone...need to know what "NaNoWriMo" list stands for??
      Thanks for the comment

  3. I write lists all the time
    but usually lose them along the way!

    The phone is probably the best place for me
    as I always have that close by!

    Happy 1st of November J


    1. Hi Fiona,
      Yes, time to put away the Halloween décor and concentrate on Christmas.
      I have to cook something with my pumpkins now!
      Hubbie's Bithday today to I am baking his fav, sponge cream and jam,,,


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