Musings of An Infant Blogger…

Since I have started this blog there have been many challenges I have encountered along my short journey.
I thought I would share them with you.
Naming my blog: 
Life, Loves and… was not my original name for my blog.I had one name in particular chosen, but when I went to sign up to Blogger and Gmail, I discovered that it was already being used. This poses some problems when you want your email address to be the same as your blog name. So setting up my email account was challenging. Thinking up a new name was hard but I did and I love it!

Designing my Blog:
Is anyone ever really happy with the way their blog looks and works? I have been constantly tweeking mine. Adding gadgets, removing them, changing formats, colours, fonts so bad it is that I am driving myself around the bend.

Oh this causes me such anxiety. Will anyone read my blog, will anyone care? Apart from my loyal family who I have bullied into read it every day, I am so thrilled when I get comments, a new follower, or my page views count goes up!

Will I write interesting posts or will it be complete dribble? A follow on from the above point. 

I have so many. The net and other blogs I read are so stuffed full of inspiration that makes me think so much. Ideas are constantly coming to me. I have to write them down, I have to get a nice "inspiration note book"

Organising my ideas: 
Ok HOW… I scream. How does one do this? My desk is covered with post-its, old envelopes, scraps of paper, a note book I am trying to be organised with, many word doc on desktop….Help!

My bold Hubbie started eating my Trick or Treat stash of sweeties for Halloween! Poor kiddies won't have any...Now I must go and hide the sweeties before he eats them all!!

Hubbie eating Trick or Treating Stash!
I hope everyone had a nice weekend.



  1. Do you know what i think the most important thing is that you are happy with it? I dont really mind (much!) if noone reads as I feel like I am documenting my own thoughts and ideas - kind of like a diary! And by the way - i did exactly the same with my blog name - all the good ones have been taken!! x

  2. Thanks Rachie.
    Your comment has put me on the straight an narrow. Despite blogging for a short while I lost sight of why I was doing it..for myself...I got caught up in the page views and the stats, how many comments and followers I was getting.
    My new mantra will be "Write for me and never mind the stats" I must write this on the front of my note book!


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