Musings of An Infant Blogger...

Instalment Three...

Lack of Musings:
Last week I had few thoughts/challenges when it come to blogging. Which I am looking at as good. I think I am settling down into a rhythm.

Blog Posts:
I find I am enjoying writing and editing posts a lot more in the past week. Maybe it is becuase of the above point.

Blog Design:
I am still not 100% with it but I am accepting that is will be a continuous challenge.

When comments are left on my blog, I still can't believe that people are taking the time to leave one. I am so delighted when I get one. It's the same as when my page views go up....HAPPY!



  1. Glad to read that you had a nice weekend even though you didn't have rain gear!

    Foggy and miserable here today
    although my daughter was in Kerry and
    said it beautiful weather there!

    Have a good week


    1. Hi Fiona, Weekend is always short even though it was a long weekend!!
      Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  2. Getting into a routine is always a good thing! I tend to also have a vague idea of what i am posting day by day as it helps me to find ideas. I have Real parties on a monday, tuesday tales on tuesdays, DIY on wednesdays etc. Would like to know more about your farming life - maybe farming thursdays???(even if its just a few pics of around the farm?) xx

    1. Hi Rachie, thanks for your comment. Ya, I plan to do more farming "me" posts but at the moment, since we are beef farmers, we have sold out for the winter months. As a result my farming holidays have started!


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