My Weekend So Far….

I had the pleasure of having my niece unexpectedly stay with me last night. She is a beautiful and busy 2.5 year old (the half is very important).

Normally I have a weeks’ notice when I have her stay over and I have the full week looking forward to it. But I offered to mind her yesterday morning so it was short notice and it was a tonic.

One of the absolute things I have to do to prepare is I have to have Peppa Pig on sky plus. I didn’t give myself any time yesterday and plus I forgot to do this. It was a big challenge to get her to understand that Peppa was not on my TV and that my TV was not as good as her mother’s who has Peppa on sky plus religiously….

We had a busy evening. We played all sort of games, ate everything around us, coloured, and watched other cartoons until it was bed time.

An amazing thing happens to me and Hubbie when she stays over. We are so consumed with her company and keeping her safe that nothing is in our minds but all things concerning her. It is truly a total break from the stresses and worries of life. Now it is no small job minding her, it is exhausting but exhausting in a different way that we would not be used to.

For the rest of Sunday I am going to spend reading blogs.....some read papers I read blogs...

I hope your enjoying your weekend as much as me



  1. Sounds like a lovely evening.

    I hope you got lots of cuddles
    and smiles from her.

    Enjoy your blog reading.

    x Fiona

  2. Fiona, Thanks for taking the time stop by and comment!


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