Since I started my blog I have been neglecting so much….

My Poor Hubbie:
Well he is happy if I am happy but he keeps reminding me I have other jobs that need attention.

House work:
Ok, I have to admit, this is really slipping. When it gets bad, I am doing a mad run around cleaning. Now I am not living in a “mess fest”, more like, I only hoover once a week now where before I hoover at least twice at week…

Reading Dailymail Showbiz:
I used to read this religiously, every day. I would know what every celeb would be up to…But now I am thinking who is Louise Thompson?

Reading my book:
I used to read…now I do blog related stuff…Hense my slow progress through the first book of Game of Thrones, which is brilliant by the way.

My Nails:
I was a polish a day lady. I am obsessed with cuticles and they have to be perfect. But they are so bad I can’t bring myself to post a pic of them to shame myself….

Not a gorilla, but I am leaving it a day or two too long….let’s leave it at that shall we…

On a side note: I am trying out a new border on my blog.Its a photo I took recently on a beach walk with my sisters. I don't like the way its tiled and so researching a solution. I am still tinkering with the logo. So apologies bear with me!

My Background Pic



  1. Hi J

    Don't neglect poor hubby, anything else is ok!!

    Blogging can take up a huge amount of time
    and sometimes you have to take a step back.

    I was blogging 3/4 times a week at the beginning but now only blog once (maybe twice)
    a week as I couldn't keep up otherwise

    If you have a lot of followers and follow a lot of blogs it is just impossible to keep up with them all and so usually I comment on the blogs I follow once or twice a week or if I find an infant blogger (like yourself)
    I would comment 3/4 times a week
    that is the only way I can fit it all in.
    Hope that makes sense!

    Don't put yourself under too much pressure.

    It's almost Friday so have a lovely weekend.

    x Fiona

    ps. have you changed the size of your font
    or is that just me reading without a lamp on!!!

    pps not too sure about the border photo
    -lovely photo but there is a lot going on
    and it looks a bit fussy (don't hit me)!!!

    1. Hi Fiona,
      As always lovely to read your comments and thank you for supporting me.I have such plans when it come to my blog but I am quickly leaning I need to schedule time for everything.
      Thanks for the feedback on the background. I am trying different ones out to see which fits best.
      You have a lovely weekend also.

  2. New background pic is lovely!! I vote YES!

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  4. I like your background pic! It looks lovely! Dont beat yourself up hun - am sure you are not really neglecting anything!! Maybe plan posts on the weekend and do 2-3 in one hit and schedule them to give yourself a bit of time off. Or have some super short ones! Recipes for me are the easier ones! x

    Rachie xo

    1. Rachie, thanks for the advise. I have got some great advise from this post. I am quickly learning I tell you...but so enjoying my blog grow....why didn't I do this sooner...
      Also thank for following me! I am honoured!

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  6. Poor long-suffering husbands everywhere! Nowt wrong with a bit of dust or leg-hair I say!! It'll only be back again :-)

    1. Thanks Chloe G for stopping by and commenting. LOL... Put it like this, Hubbie will not starve...that is for

  7. I'm a sucker for beaches, so I like the pic ;) If you want it to be less busy, you could maybe see if you could just show it once, rather than lots of little tiles.
    I too read fewer books when I'm in a blogging mood- there isn't time. I have to admit I'm more likely to find time to read than do the housework...

    1. Thanks a million for stopping by and taking the time to comment.
      I love beaches, I was brought up practically on
      I have a fix for my background, I just need a bit of time to do it and then it done, no more tinkering with design!....Famous last

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