Penneys/Primark Mini Haul Oct 2012

Bought some shoe boots, €22
 Black Shoe Boots

And some slippers, €3 
Red Slippers
And I know in my Autumn is here post I said I don't like to talk about Christmas until Halloween is out. Well it appears that if you write/say this, your destined to do the opposite,typical!

Anyway here are my two Christmas Snowmen I bought in OCTOBER.If I didn’t buy them they would be sold out….that is my excuse.

And some Wall Art.....
I was lucky to receive 2 beautiful gifts of wall art. One on the wall and one on the

Wall Art Dragon Flies

Wall Art Autumn Leaves



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  2. wow love all the bits you got esp your new shoes! must have a look out for them

  3. Thanks for your comment, I love them and they come in a wine colour also. I might have to pick them up also....

  4. Love those new shoes! Didn't see them when I was in this week...and well done on getting started on the Christmas shopping. I'm also an 'after halloween' kinda girl but I found myself getting twitchy around the christmas wrapping paper in Avril x

  5. Thank you Avril. I think I am going to get wine colour also.

  6. Hi,

    I'm Fiona and another Irish blogger.
    Great to discover your blog.
    It is lovely

    Love the boots and the snowmen
    the wall decorations are great too
    I love the Penneys posts!
    Nice to get some ideas of what others buy
    I will be looking out for the boots next time I visit.

    Have a good weekend.


    ps hope you don't mind me saying this
    but the word verification on the comments
    is dreadful and puts bloggers off from
    posting on your blog.

    I think it would be a good idea if you turn
    it off. Most of my blogging friends don't
    comment if it is on
    Might be something to consider...
    Hope you don't mind me pointing it out.

    I have tried 3 times and still can't get it
    right, last try so fingers crossed.

  7. Fiona,thank you so much for your kind words and advise.I am open to feedback all the time. I have taken it on board and switched off the word verification. I have to admit, it annoys me also when I leave comments on other blogs who have it!

    With my cup of tea in had I am going to have a read of your blog!


  8. Just popped on to let you know
    I saw the boots in Penneys this morning.
    They are lovely
    but just a little too high for me!

    I got another pair instead though
    a girl can never have too many pairs of boots!


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