Reading Night Ruined....

I read in bed. I go to bed early and enjoy a couple of hours of uninterrupted reading as many nights in the week as I can. I have done this since I met my Hubbie. He understands this and knows I treasure this.
Perfect Scenario
ME: “Night sweetie, I am heading to be early to read.”
HUBBIE: “Ok, enjoy, I will watch some sky plus stuff for a couple of hours.”
I skip off to bed delighted, as I have at least 2 hours of uninterrupted reading!!

But, and there is always a but, look what happened when Hubbie decided to come to bed early.

Not so perfect Scenario
ME: “Night sweetie, I am heading to be early to read.”
HUBBIE: “Sure I will come with you. I am tired and could do with an early night.”
ME:  “Sure watch some more TV. Catch up on some sky plus stuff”
HUBBIE: “No I am not bothered”

In bed, I am reading away and Hubbie decides he is going to watch TV in bed.
ME: “I can’t read with the noise of the TV”
HUBBIE:” Sure, I will keep it down low”. Hubbie proceeds to turn down TV.
ME: “No, it is still distracting me, not working, turn it off”
HUBBIE: “Sure I will put on the wireless headphones”
ME: “Ok, that would be better “and Hubbie puts on the headphones but I can still hear the TV.
ME:”I can still hear the TV”
HUBBIE: “How can you?”
ME:”It’s because you’re right beside me and I can hear it on the headphones”
HUBBIE: “K, Sure I will turn off the TV and sleep”. Hubbie turns off TV and then lies down to sleep.

I am happy reading and then….
HUBBIE: “Can you turn the pages on the book quieter????”
ME: “What”
HUBBIE: “You’re turning the pages on your book really loudly”
ME: “No, I am not”

10 Minutes later….
HUBBIE: “When are you switching off the light? Are you finished yet? I can’t sleep with the light on, and the noise??
Slam down the book on the bedside locker, switch off the light and huffs to sleep.

HUBBIE:”I think I will get up and watch some TV in the living room, I am not tired now”

I think I need to get a new reading place…….



  1. ha its great to know im not the only one that has this issue. Although i have to admit you are a lot more polite with your hubbie then i am with my partner : )


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