Sunday Rain...

It's raining, again....after last week of dry weather, I find the rain so depressing. And even worse I am at my parents home for the weekend and only brought wellies and a sky jacket and no all weather pants so I can't go outside for a walk.

When I come home I try to pack for every eventuallity, old trainers for walking rough paths, all weather gear for walking outside in raining, warm clothes for walking the beaches or quadding, board games for raining days (which I forgot this time.), water gear for sea kayacking etc. I guess you get the idea but the car gets over loaded and I end up leaving things behind.

On a brighter note my parents got two new babies, my Dad a pup. He bought a working dog for the farm. His name is Sammy and is only 7 weeks old.


My mum has a new kitty, "Cryer", I know not a cute cat name but cats come to this house like rain!!! My mum has lots of cats, 4 that she knows off. She feeds all strays that come and the cats get named after their dominant traits. Unfortunately someone dumped "Cryer", who is only a couple of weeks old and is always crying. Now it could have been the mother who separted her kittens if the tom cat was after them.

Mother Hen gave me a wee project to do also. I think she is trying to inspire me to use my sowing machine more!!
Making my own
Now I am totally inspired  by a class she took to make Quilted Leaf Bowls.

This is the underside of the leaf bowl, Super!
Hope your are having a nice weekend!



  1. Nice blog, would you like to follow each other? xx

    1. I will be popping over to check out your blog right away.
      Would love to follow!
      Thanks fro stopping by and commenting!

  2. omg!! so cute!! aw crier! i actually think that is a cute name! our cat mario cries so loudly you can hear him across the fields or thru my bedroom window at 3am when he decides he finally wants in! lol xo

    1. LOL... ok being wakened at that hour is not fun...but ya cat is super cute. Mum was asking me to adopt but Hubbie is allergic....pity
      Thanks for stopping by Vicki!

  3. Ah, Sammy is sooooo cute! Cryer is too, but I'm partial to dogs. LOve them, but could never get one for myself :(
    J, your mother really is very talented with her sewing machine! I'm getting my mom to see this.

    1. Ya, mum is very talented and does not really know it. She makes wonderful things and also very inspirational, she is always encouraging us to pick up our sewing machines and create!
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

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