The Farming Me…

I wear a lot of hats when it comes to occupation and farming is one of them. Still, in my eyes, Hubbie is the farmer but I guess in reality I am a farmer too. We are beef farmers. I thought I would give you a little insight into my farming life.

I am a farmer’s daughter and married to a farmer. So a farming life is nothing new to me.
We stock bullocks around the 350/400Kg mark. These are young male cattle and always around or just over the 1 year old mark, and sell them on after 9-10 months at 550/600 kg.
Me walking home with 3 buckets after feeding beef nuts

My daily farming jobs 


  • Morning walk to the different paddocks where the animals are
  •  Observe them to make sure they are ok. This mean generally watching them, watch them walk, interact, look for any abnormalities, running noises, ears down and if possible see them wee. Yes I said wee. This is because they could have a disease called red water that is very dangerous. Although having said that, the age of animal we stock tend to be too young for this disease but I check all the same.
  •  Check fences, and check electric fences with fence tester. We have what is called electric fencing around our various paddocks. It is an electrified fence and I have a gadget that tests the electric pulse going through it. If the reading is low, it usually means there is something on the fence, like a branch/twig. I need to walk the fence to find it and remove it 
  • Call into mother-in-law, ok not a farming duty but I am passing her house and like to pop into her.And check post box, again not a farming duty but it’s on the way

  • Same as above only I feed beef nuts (food supplement) to the lighter bullocks we are trying to get their weight up.
It may not be glamorous and not everyone woman would do it but I love it. I love the walks, the exercise, the land, the scenery, the photos I get, the fresh air, the animals growing, the land maintained and the wildlife I see (mostly pheasants and heirs).
Summer Time Pic when grass was plentiful!!


  1. hi j. i have to say i love the border you have put up on your blog really pretty.

  2. So interesting to see an insight into your life. I liked this post alot! What do you do in the middle of the day? Show us some pics of you farming! x

    1. Thanks Rachie,you know I have a great pic of me in pink with the stock behind me. Its a great pic with the green grass and pink and it was a sunny day but can I find it noooooo. So annoying. I think it may be on hubbies phone. I will have to look again.
      Thanks for your comments!

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