Time to sell...

Its that time of year on our farming calender where we sell off the stock we have kept all year.

So, we are off to the mart on Saturday.

2012 Stock
It's always a mixed bag of emotions for me and Hubbie on the days running up to taking the stock to the mart. We buy these animals when they are young, we watch them every day,watch them grow, call the vet if they are sick, dose them (give them medicine), talk to them (yes, I do), name them etc and then it comes time to sell. I always feel its such an achievement that we manage to to reach mart day with them all healthy and none of them dying on us. (It can happen!!)

I always wonder will I be sad to see them sold and how I will feel seeing my bullocks in the mart ring being sold, but that is part of my life.

Here are the 3 I have been trying to get their weight up...My favourite is the white one (Breed- Charolais), his name is Petunia....lol



  1. Aw... I could imagine how sad it would be to see them going:( Hope you have a good weekend! Added myself as a follower and thanks for lovely comments on my blog:)

    1. Anne, thanks a million for stopping by. You have made my morning, truly. I have just finished my morning walk and checking the animals and I am feeling a little sad!
      Thanks for following me, I am delighted!

  2. Oh I like the white one too! I married a farmer this year so I am just getting use to farming life. We are mainly dairy farmers so we get to keep the cows longer, however we also have dry stock but I don't really know one from the other. My job is to feed the calves after I come home from work, so come Spring time I will be busy, i get attached to them too, particularly any that I can distinguish easily from the others. We had one with a wonky leg so I had a soft spot for him and also one that was really small but some of those ones end up in the freezer :( It's all part of life though! You will have new ones next year, try get all the same colour so you will not know one from the other as much :) Good luck in the mart!

    All things nice...

    1. Thanks a million for your lovely comment. Farming life can be busy and tough but you get a hard skin after a few years especially when you, like I, are involved in the running of the farm....


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