To Kindle Or Not To Kindle,

This Is The Question...

I have been toying with the idea of buying a kindle for the longest time.One minute I am ready to order one and the next I say “oh I don’t need it”.

I can see the benefits of one but I am one who loves the feel of a book, the excitement of a crisp new novel and I am not sure will I get the same from a kindle?

My sister has one with a fancy red cover. I like it. But I do have a tendency to like pretty things and want them, convince myself I need them and appease myself by waiting a few weeks before I make the purchase. The rational being that it is not an impulse buy.

I can see my Hubbie sighing now loudly as he looks at all 3 curling wands that I desperately needed and all the while having perfectly CURLY hair. 

So here are my pros and cons of whether I should get a kindle:


  • Space saving: It will reduce the piles of boxes of books in the spare room. I haven’t gotten around to shelving yet. Another project for another day, Billy book shelves from Ikea me thinks!
  • Money saving: Kindle books are cheaper to purchase then paper backs
  • Cool: Nice toy for me handbag
  • Light weight: for handbag

  • Amazon Parcels : I will miss my Amazon parcels with a my quarterly book order.
  • New book smell: Gone

Interesting that there are more Pros.....

If I were to get on this is the one I would get, I think....£69

Kindle E Reader
And this cover...
I think I will add this to my Santa list and see.....



  1. J, why not leave it up to chance and see if Santa thinks you deserve one??? That will take all the will I, won't I pressure out if it??? Now if you're gut reaction reading this is NO!!! Then you have your answer haha, post back any decisions made. My sister and I came up with this idea!!

  2. My husband has asked my for this past number of birthdays and xmases, did I want one? But I am reluctant. For the same cons you have said and also I love book browsing, in bookshops, second hand shops, car boot sales. I love that unusual find of a book that turns out to be a great read. So I am saying no for another while!

    1. Thanks for your comment,advise and for following me! I am delighted. I must have a good read of your blog. It a hard one but I think I am giving in and leaning toward buying one!

  3. Firstly, THANK YOU for all the lovely comments on my blog...has been so nice reading them each day. Apologies for not getting over to yours until now...have been mostly on my phone and it's so hard to type comments on it.
    So onto the Kindle debate - go for it! I really enjoy mine and now read about twice as many books as I used to (I find the Kindle faster to read for some reason). More importantly, it hasn't stopped me rummaging in second hand book shops. Currently, I have three books on the go...a Kindle one, a borrowed one and a library one! Have a super weekend mrs, Avril x

  4. Avril, Thanks for you lovely comments and advise on the Kindle. I love you blog and look forward to you posts. I think I swaying in the direction of buying one.

  5. Hi J. Im debating about the Kindle as well but i think if you are planning to get a Kindle you should consider the newest model which has a screen that lights up. I don't own a Kindle and have only looked at demos but i think the screen that lights up would be easier to read and if you and your husband are all like myself and my partner this model would end those nightly spats about the light being on wail i read and he tries to sleep : )

  6. Thanks a million for your comment and good advise. I must have another look at the different types...


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