Weekend Jibber Jabber...

I am just back from my usual morning farming duties. It’s a lovely October morning here, blue sky with some fluffy clouds, cold but not too cold. I am sure the rain is not too FAR away.

Not very extensive or technical when it comes to farming duties but Hubbie assures me that they are very important!

I am enjoying this week…

  • Trying to decide whether I will add a picture/design to the top of my blog. I think “Life, Loves and…” logo is a little lost up there at the top of the page
  • Reading my usual blogs and checking out new posts.
  • Reading new blogs I have discovered like…. http://www.outmumbered.com/ and there are truly not enough hours for me to do this
  • My favourite tv series is back…Homeland….woo hoo
  • Reading Game of Thrones first book in series

I am not enjoying… 

  •  The weather, rain, rain and oh wait for it more rain.
  •   Having to do my other day job…..because I am so in love with my blog….blush. 
I think from the above I had a good week when there are only 2 things I didn’t enjoy!

I hope your enjoying your weekend where ever you are and whatever your doing!



  1. You'll love Game of Thrones! I'm on the 4th book, and the plot so far is fantastic, maybe because the author has creatively departed from conventional black and white characters, making them grey instead.

    Came across your blog on 33 Shades of Green, and can I say, I'll be following you avidly :)

  2. Thanks you for you comment and following me, I am delighted! I am like a kid in a sweetie shop when I get a comment, tweet or a new follower...lol
    Thanks again and have a nice weekend


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