Weekend Jibber Jabber...

Well, what a weekend so far!

No laptop....I never realised how much time I spent on it....crazy really.But thanks to Hubbie all is well again.
Apart from that it has been a cracker of a weekend weather wise. Sun Sun and more sun. We  managed to cut back my mother in law's garden hedges, small trees and bushes. Delighted with that as we were waiting for a dry day to do that. We also cut the lawn for the last time this year, I would say.

I am enjoying this week...
  •  Halloween Island display: These are called "Culinary Pumpkins" which I think are the ones you cook with as opposed to the ones you carve, which are hollow. I am up to being corrected! They are so lovely. Nearly bought a "Turkish Pumpkin" but they were too knobbly for me, but might have been a nice contrast to these perfect pumpkins.....hhhhmmmmm
Halloween Counter Display
  •  Mother-in-law's apple tart:She is great, bakes the apple tart and gives me half of it, lovely.I meant to take a pic to show you guys but when we came in yesterday evening from the hedge cutting, the tart didn't last long....

  • Flowers mum gave me:Can I for the life of me think of the name of these this morning.It's just gone.Let me know if you know. They are beautiful dried and look at the colours of purple, blue and green. Just lovely!
Mum's Dried Flowers

I am not enjoying this week...

  • Wellies leaking:Well this is a two edged sword, I love my wellies and am sad they are leaking. They have been on so many adventures but it means I can buy new ones...

  • PC Sick: Ok, this was horrible. It had a virus, but I was like "OM MY GOD, there is so much on my laptop!!!"I used to be good at backing up my pc. So I pulled out my external hard drive,dusted it down and today will start backing up!!

  • Internet Junkie: There I said it..... I didn't realise it until the laptop got sick. I realised I spend way too long at it... Must cut back.But like above point, because it was sick I got so much ( none PC related) work done yesterday.....very productive.

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!



  1. Hi J

    Glad you got your computer working again!

    The flowers are lovely. They are hydrangeas
    and yes you are right they do dry beautifully.

    Fantastic weather this weekend.
    I hope it lasts!

    Have a good week

    ps apple tart sounds lovely.

    x Fiona

    1. LOL.....Hydrangeas....I remembered their name while I was walking around Penneys this afternoon.
      Thanks for stopping by Fiona!

  2. I didn't know there was different types of pumpkins, I must look out for some of those ones you've mentioned.

  3. J, went walking today around a local park in my area and ended up taking loads of photos along the way. Now this is unusual for me as I usually bomb around the track to get my days exercise done and out of the way. But today I was all about the nature and was trying to think back to where I had seen recent nature photos and I'm pretty sure it was the photos you posted this week!! Well they worked as they inspired me to take notice and enjoy the beautiful Irish scenery, well done!!

    1. I am delighted I inspired you. I think like you mentioned we spend so much of our lives "Bombing" around that we don't see what is around us and unfortunately we are missing out. I am here sitting looking at a tree at my house and because there has been little or no wind the leaves are still on the tree but are turning. Its a shock of yellow and brown....lovely
      Thanks you for stopping by and keep snapping!

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