Bake Day....Pumpkin Soup

Well this is more a cooking day.....One of my pumpkins from my Halloween display got the chop!!

I had in my mind to make the American Traditional Pumpkin Pie. I googled a recipe to use but was nervous about them.

So while I was reading the Farmers Journal supplement "Country Living" and drinking a cup of tea, as one does!! I was catching up on Imen's weekly article "Tales of a Modern Farmette", in which she mentions the famous pumpkin pie. I decided to Tweet Imen and ask her for a recipe for the pie. Poor Imen was probably wondering who was this stranger asking for a recipe!! But I thought who better to ask for a pumpkin pie than from an American!....right. She kindly emailed me a recipe and advised me to use caned pumpkin pureé. As she advised that using a fresh pumpkin would give a different flavour and consistency. Who am I to argue with the Imen, she is certainly more experienced in the pumpkin pie department than me.

I gave up on the Pumpkin Pie idea, for now,I add..I am going to get my hands on the recommended pumpkin purée and make Imens' recipe.

I made soup instead. My usual method for all soups I make, chop, roast, season, add stock and blend!!

Roasted pumpkin,carrot,onion,garlic,chicken stock and me dodgy belender
The soup turned out lovely.It's a pity I didn't make some brown bread!!Maybe next time.
Pumpkin Soup...Yum



  1. It looks lovely...I always intend to make some with the pumpkins but hasn't happened yet!

  2. It was lovely, I have another one I need to make soup with this week and my Halloween Display can move to a Christmas one!

    Thanks for stopping by, Anne!


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