Hair Dresser Disaster...

Should I have complained?
I have such bad luck with hairdressers lately....coupled with laziness I have to admit.

I have done my best to support my local salon but alas I can't take any more. I have had such a disastrous run with them.

I usually get my hair dyed (black), same colour all over, a trim (if needed) and blow dried straight because hair dressers don't know how to blow dry curly hair. FACT.

Well the last time I went, I was left with a halo of black hair colour around my hair line and a line down my right side of my face. It was dark when I left and with my hair straitened and styled I didn't notice. But got a land when I got home and Hubbie's mouth hit the floor when I scooped up my hair into a ponytail and he saw all the hair colour on my skin. I spent the night scrubbing my face and hair line with everything from fairy liquid to Cillit Bang! The longer it went on the angrier I got.

I am one for complaining when I am not happy. So the next day, 'I went to complain but when I got there the hair dresser had left early so I spoke to the manager. I was a bit crest fallen because I wanted to speak to the hair dresser in question because it is only right to speak to her directly. Still the manager was apologetic as you could still see the staining on my skin, and offered my next appointment free. I told her that I appreciated that but I was so disappointed that I didn't feel like I could go back.But she insisted and said she would personally do my hair and asked me to give here a chance to make amends.She made the appointment and said if I didn't want to come to just cancel

I went, I was reluctant. She did look after me well, but I felt awkward. I don't know why really.I was the one wronged. The original hair dresser came up to me and apologised. But through out the whole appointment I was not comfortable, even though I had nothing to be unconformable about.

I have been once since because its convenient but I have decided I am going else where from now on.

So, What do you do?....
Do you complain, let them make amends and continue using their service feeling awkward?
Do you complain to the hairdresser and never darken their door again?
Do you say nothing and complain about them to everyone else and never go back??
Do you say nothing, go back and scrutinise your hairline before you leave to ensure its done right?

In this instance I don't think it was worth it for me to complain. I just should have moved onto another hairdresser.



  1. Good questions…my friend is a hairdresser and she says she wishes people would come back. They are so busy juggling clients so sometimes things will got wrong. Having said all that, I've NEVER gone back with a cut - just gone elsewhere as I think with a cut, you don't want someone who made a mess of it already to go cutting it again. But if my colour wasn't right, I would go back as that's easier to fix. BUT I also think it's good to change hairdressers now and again - I move around about 3 or 4 different ones as I find I get stuck in a rut with the same one. Avril x

  2. Hi Avril, Ya, I agree with your cut comment. I have long curly hair so if the cut id not great you don't really notice it, my curls can hide a lot of sins. But colour....different story. I have a new hair dresser spotted now. So all I have to do is arrange an appointment!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I would be similar to Avril on this. I've had one or two disastrous cuts in my time and have never gone back. With colour however I have, as I believe that it's up to the salon to sort that out. However, you're right - it can be very awkward as you sit there feeling like 'yer wan who complained' I too tend to vary hairdressers occasionally, although I generally end up back with my original girl ... apologising for my lack of loyalty :) It's a tricky one!

  4. Well I thin if I am in that situation again, I won't be complaining....I will be just moving on...
    Thanks for dropping by!

  5. one of the things I dislike the most about moving all of the time is always having to find a new stylist. it can be A LOT of work, especially when you have curly hair! I have yet to get my hair cut since we moved and we moved in June! Long overdue, but I'm that nervous! I did have a terrible experience years ago with colour and did go back, and all ended well, but it wasn't fun to go through!

    1. I agree with u is hard work.Curly hair is challenging too.thanks for stopping by and commenting

  6. Tough one! Depending on how bad it was i would complain but I wouldnt go back i dont think! But this is easy for me to say as there are loads of hairdressers near me. I have been going to the same girl for ages though! (and when she recently moved salons - i went with her!) x

    1. Ya It's tough, I am going to try out hair dresser next week. So fingers crossed

  7. I think with hairdressing most people won't go back after a mistake has been made - the trust has been lost!
    But I think you shouldn't have felt uncomfortable about going back. You were wronged and it was the right thing for them to try remedy your unhappiness.
    If they did a good job on the second occasion I would stick with them
    I never complain in a hairdressers because I always blame myself. I say that I mustn't have explained exactly what I needed done.

  8. Hi Enie,Thanks for stopping by and commenting.Your right I should not feel uncomfortable but I did.tough one!


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