Mini Haul...Penneys Nov 2012...

I just popped in to see what's new...

Well in truth I was looking for these mid calf tan wedge boots. But as always all the size 5 were gone. I swear all Irish women are a size 5...aaaaagggghhhh

Anyway rant over, here is what I picked up...
Black Stud Trim Vest, €10
This goes to below my front jeans pocket and mostly covers the behind. An absolute must in a top for me. I am a size 14. Love this vest!

Cobolt blue Blouse, €13
This is such a fab colour. This is my fav colour along with orange and red!!. I have black hair and fair skin and I think it is a perfect colour for me. Excuse the corner of my notice board to the right of this pic. (Photo of last stock we held and tickets to Comedian Kevin Bridges. I cut it out of the pic above but decided to leave it in the rest as I kind of liked it...its more real?
Shirt is a size 14 and covers the bum as it is longer at the back.Perfect!!

White T with a cross design, €5
Close up to show crosses
Was unsure about this one, I wore it with a white long vest under neat and it was perfect.

Lepord design belt, €4

I had to google how to spell "lepord" as on my Penneys receipt it is spelt "Leopard", doesn't look right. I am not one for belts really. But saw this and had to have it. It has a lovely gold buckle. I wore it with the T above, grey cardi, skinnies and this belt around my waist. Liked it, so did the sister!

Grey Gold Trim Wedge Booties, €22
Hubbies eyes went to heaven, when he saw another pair of shoes coming into the house. But that is all he did,  he didn't complain because he knew how badly I needed them!!. These are remarkably comfortable to wear and to drive in, weird...but love them. A little tight to zip up initially but ok now after a couple of wears.

Have you bought anything nice in Penneys lately?



  1. Hi J - thanks for stopping by Fluff and Fripperies! You got some lovely pieces in Penneys - you've reminded me I'm overdue a wee trip, I want that leopard belt (I know it loos strange but they were right about the spelling!) and that gorgeous shirt xo

    1. Lol...oh I am rubbish at spelling, and I googled the blue colour of shirt but happy with all bits.
      Your blog is lovely, I had a good read!
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment!

  2. Nice haul, I love the belt!

    Great blog btw, I'm now following! Hope you follow me back. xx

    1. Hi Kristy,
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and commenting!
      I have followed you also and thanks for following me!

    2. Kristy, If you want I could post you one.Now is not a great belt quality wise at €4. It will easily fit in an me if you want

  3. I think all the hubbies raise their eyes to heaven when they see either shoes or handbags arriving home!!!

    Love your finds.

    The blue is gorgeous.

    I couldn't walk in the shoes but they are fab!

    Have a good week

    x Fiona

    1. Well my Hubbie is a saint sometimes,with all the stuff I

      I am so practised walking on high heels now that they are no problem to me

      I do love Penneys!
      Thanks for stopping by Fiona!


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