Musings of an Infant Blogger...

Instalment Four...

It's Monday Musings again....

Blog Backup:
Maybe someone could advise me on this. As my number of blog posts increase...I am wondering should I be backing up my blog in some way. I checked this on blogger and I can do this easily it seems.

Blogger World is Small:
I discovered this at the weekend. I met up with some of my friends on Friday night and was telling them all about my blogging experiences and I discovered that my friends sister-in-law's sister is a blogger I follow.
Small was lovely to discover this.

Blogger Groups/Networks:
I wonder is there such a thing for West of Ireland Bloggers.....or would there be an interest to have a met up with bloggers who are from the west of Ireland. I think I might look into this....Or is there such a thing as a blogger meet up...if anyone knows, will you let me know?????

Blog when you feel like blogging:
I had absolutely nothing to blog about yesterday. There was nothing in my head and nothing was coming out.Nothing on my inspiration list was working for this writers block...I don't know, I don't class myself as a writer. I had set myself a target to post something everyday....but it just was not happening yesterday. But I didn't stress. I just didn't post. But today, I have the week planned out....great! 



  1. yeah that is a small world! haha sometimes I find myself in that situation too

  2. Hi there ... I've never even thought about backing up my blog posts. Perhaps it's something I should look into. Haven't yet met another blogger but like your idea of a Blogger Meet Up ... how many of us are there in Ireland?? You're West, I'm East - we'll need to find some more to really make it worth our while :)

    1. Ya, I just don't know is there some kind of group or network. I have learned so much from bloggers emailing me and leaving comments, that I think it would be lovely to meet up,maybe we could work on something!!

    2. Sounds like a good plan. Maybe we should ask Avril ... she's like the Grand Mistress (or Mommy!!) of all us newbie bloggers! She's bound to know what we should do

    3. That is a plan, I will mail you off line!!


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