New Hairdresser...

This is a follow on post from, Hair Dresser Disaster.

I had my hair cut at a new Hair Dressers (is Hair Dresser one word or two???), last week and was delighted.

Now, I know the above linked post was relating to a hair dying disaster I had, and in fairness I am not comparing like with like here as I only had my hair cut but I am tempted to get my hair dyed with this new hair dresser also.

I went on a quiet morning last week. Hair dressers tend to do good deals Monday to Wednesday. I was greeted nicely and I had my hair washed by Vanessa, I think. I love they way hair dressers massage your head when putting the conditioner in. I really could have fallen asleep.

Then it was onto Mike. Its been 10 years since a man cut my hair.I told him that and he laughed. He listened to my instruction and proceeded to cut.I am terrified of hair dressers when it comes to cutting more so than hair dying.I told him I was nervous about the length and to tell me when he was cutting that, to show me, so I could see how much he was cutting before he cut. I love my long curly hair and I protect my length by not cutting it often....Might be a hair no no but it works for me. He chopped away and I asked questions and he answered. When it came to the length he showed me how much he was cutting and I ok'ed it.

I was not brave enough to take a pick of the hair salon but I will definitely be going back. Could this be a turning point for me and hair dressers.....sure we will see..

Thanks to Mike at Eclipse Hair



  1. I have been going to the same hairdresser for ever. If she ever leaves I'll need a wig.
    It takes so long to find someone who understands how you want to manage your hair, and what suits you! I still expect to be going to Jane when I'm 105

    1. Well I think your lucky to have a good hairdresser. It's stressful going when you afraid!!lol
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!


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