Weekend Away...Dublin

I am lucky to have two of these before Christmas. I enjoy the planning as much as the weekend away itself.

I am heading to Dublin this month for a weekend...

On the plan so far there is the:
  • Jameson Distillery or the Guinness Brewery. My deciding factor maybe that I prefer whiskey....Or I may just do both!!
  • Shopping
  • Ikea on the way home on Sunday

To be determined :
  • Nice reasonable hotel to stay.Thinking Blanchardstown Crown Plazza at €71 per room per night.Has great reviews.Hotel looks lovely and can shop in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, drop off my shopping bags at the hotel and go back for more shopping...
  • Nice restaurant for dinner. 
  • Nice bar for some drinks.

Need to do a list of what I want/need.Turns out I inadvertently published my H&M and River Island Shopping lists yesterday evening.Was trying out Polyvore and thought I click share to draft. But apparently NOT. Still I am a learner!

I am open to all suggestions!


  1. Can you believe that although I live in Dublin, I've never been to Blanchardstown?? Southsider!! So can't help you there ... unless you decide to change to the Dundrum side in which case I can give you loads of recommendations. Ikea definitely a must - but you might want to leave the Hubby in the car. It's apparently Man Hell. Whatever you do, I'm sure you'll have fun!

  2. If I change my mind I will be back to you asap.Hubbie does not mind Ikea, too much. This time I will not be shopping for anything specific e.g wardrobes, the last time. This time it will be just looking around...love it!

  3. I have been to Blanchardstown shopping and liked it but mostly go to Dundrum now because it is easier to drive there for me:)Hope you enjoy your trip!

    1. Hi Anne, Blanch is easier for me to get to. I am looking forward to it.Thanks for stopping by.

  4. You cna buy Christmas decorations in Ikea!!! x

  5. Hi j. Soooo jealous about your visit to Dublin. Blanchardstown is defiantly the place to go for shopping. I got a great deal on a ski jacket in the Tkmax there and the H&Ms great. Think staying in Blanchardstown is a good move with the shops on your doorstep and there is a great Cinema complex there.

    P.S. let it be noted that i love Ikea!

  6. I hope your weekends away go really well for you
    and that you get lots of shopping done.

    I have never been to Ikea or Blanchardstown!

    Sorry to read that some of your family are ill,
    that vomiting bug is a terrible thing.

    Well done you on getting to learn Polyvore,
    I tried once and gave up, too complicated for me!

    Hope your weekend is going well and that you get out for a walk,

    Fiona x

    1. Thanks Fiona for stopping by. Ya, I hope to get some shopping done!!Hope your having a nice weekend!


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