Weekend Jibber Jabber....

I have been feeling particularly crafty this week.Posts to follow. It's been great. But it make me want a labeler, washi tape, a glue gun and anything craft like. Wouldn't you think I would knit something, seeing that I have balls of wool and knitting needles...at hand!!

Enjoying this week...

  • Chris Crinkle/Secret Santa: Or rather the "not so Secret Santa" What will I get.....oh there are so many choices.....
  • Christmas Tree:  Going up this weekend. Was not 100% happy with it last year, so going to have to work it a bit this year!
  • Glamour Mag: I am not one for Magazines, I would prefer a book any day but I am an utter sucker for mags that are giving away something and especially nail polish... 

Glamour mag and mince pies

  • Mince Pies: I got 6 for €1.50 in Tesco's and ate 4.....????!!! Why can't I stop!
  • Frosty Mornings: Well it certainly makes a difference than complaining about the rain...the frost is lovely....well until you have to go somewhere in the car! I am not liking this pic. Its not white enough or not frosty enough, still a little view of the tree this morning!

Frosty Tree
Not Enjoying this week...

  • Treadmill: Hubbie assembled the treadmill two nights ago.....It has been lying in 2 bits since we moved in and now it's together.....ahhhhhhh......Help!! Means I will have to use it now. But it needs oil for the belt so must eat as much as I can before Friday when I will be in town to purchase the oil....
  • Crank Calls about Windows: This is making me really mad. I am getting crank calls from a foreign call center, where they know my name and say they are from Windows and to switch on my PC...I say I am not interested and to please not call me again. But they do...two calls this week, Tuesday and Wednesday....Just hang up if you get this call. It's a scam!

Have a nice weekend end everyone!



  1. Laughed about your mince pies. I bought a tub of mini choc chip muffins in Superquinn this week and before I knew it, the tub was half empty. Could do with getting a treadmill in this house too :)

    1. Well I have since ate a half packet of chocolate fingers....jess there is not stopping me!!
      It is actually great having a treadmill, but you need a tv in front of it to pass the time as running on a treadmill is very boring!

  2. haii..visit here http://zookdee.blogspot.com, trims

    1. Ya, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  3. I got those calls too....nearly recognise the numbers now and never answer them! Have a lovely weekend:)

  4. Hi, honey! You have a great blog, very interesting and you are very beautiful! I'm your new reader! If you do not mind, I'll wait for you in my blog!))))


    1. Hi
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to visit. I will make a cuppa and check out your blog!


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