Weekend Jibber Jabber...

It's been a funny sort of week.I feel like I haven't achieved much. Drizzling out and now evenings are dark at 5.Two of my family had the Winter Vomiting Bug. Terrible, just a terrible dose, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Celtic beat Barcelona, whether you support either team or not it was a  momentous occasion for Celtic and the fans and on their home ground also.

Enjoying this week:
  • Good blog Friends: Fiona at Raindrops and Daisies came to my rescue and told me about my blog mishaps!
  • Planning my pending weekends away!
  • Homeland: I am loving the second series of this, its the only thing I am watching really on TV
  • Polyvore: Learning how to use it!

No Enjoying this week:
  • Messing up on Polyvore: I shared to publish rather to draft on my blog which published my clothes shopping list!! I had to delete them all.....Mortified! But I think its ok to make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Walking: I haven't gone for a walk all week....bold!
  • Camera Rest: I don't know what is with me this week but the camera is not getting used this week at all.....must rectify that this weekend.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!