Bake Day....

My Nacho Cheese...

Really there is no baking to is, more grilling. Is that baking?? I don't know

This is one of my staple Friday/Saturday night snacks. Around 9ish when Hubbie and I are watching tv and getting peckish...Bold I know but life is way too short...

This is so yum and also there is no washing up!

Ingredients chips, cheese, salsa and créme fraíche
Get a baking tray and cover it with foil, I use a swiss roll tin.I usually use 3/4 of this chip bag.

Spread chips out evenly over tin

Dollop on the salsa,I am particular ,it has to be evenly distributed!

Sprinkle on grated cheese

Grill until cheese melts and dollop some sour cream on the side

Presentation is not great but lay a towel on the coffee table and put the tray on it
And enjoy with your tipple of your choice!! When finished just peel off the tin foil and pop in washing up!! Brilliant

What is your Friday night snack??



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