Christmas Day...Traditions,,,

I am so into Christmas, I love it.

My favorite Christmas tune is " Driving home for Christmas, by Chris Rea", simply because I am always driving home for Christmas and happily so.

I love landing (arriving) home to all the bustle I described here. Seeing everyone. getting the party food out, drinks ready, putting the pressies under the tree....We don't have dinner on Christmas Eve because it is usually late by the time we arrive home so drinks and nibbles are perfect.

Then when we are appropriately settled, we usually have a visit by my brother's lovely girlfriend and her best wee man, her son.

We give him his gifts and have a good chat, find out what is on his letter to Santa.They head home because we must be in bed early because Santa is coming....

We open pressies and take our Christmas photos.

Every year I do the food list, I divide it out to all and everyone has something to buy and to be responsible for some of the Christmas food.

On Christmas morning Dad makes sure the range is firing on all hot...(nothing new here, Dad really puts our Stanley to the test. the fire is on 24/7), we stick the Turkey in the oven with the food thermometer. Everyone gets a food prep job, even my Husband.One of my sisters doesn't do cooking so she is fully in charge of drinks and mulled wine and tasting it to make sure it's JUST RIGHT.....

Poor mum usually is told to sit down, with a wee drink and only called upon if we have a cooking query. It's her day

Dinner happens about 3pm, well really when its ready.We fill the plates with food for everyone and everyone takes a plate instead of having the turkey etc on the table. One of my sisters hates Brussel sprouts and always says "no" to them, but staying true to tradition she gets them anyway!!We pull crackers, put on the hats, read the jokes and eat,eat eat.....bliss

Then dessert, pudding with custard or one of the 3 coloured triffles, a tradition my Husband brought to my home when we got married.

We load the dish washer, on one of the two occasions int the year it get another drink,have tea or have mulled wine if  my sister has not drank it, retire to sitting room to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or play monopoly or snooze

I love all the wonders and happiness that Christmas brings to me and to those who are close to me...