Estée Lauder, Double Wear Foundation...

Everyone woman I reckon has her "go to" product or the products you repeat buy. I am a huge fan of a particular foundation, Estée Lauder, Double Wear.I always have this in my make-up bag. This is the product that makes me feel

Its pricey at €36 but it does last ages. This foundation is great, you put it on and it lasts the whole day.I had full coverage, what my skin needs and it applies well.

I bought it years ago for my wedding, needing something that would last the day,and it did!!
Estée Lauder, Double Wear
My colour is 2N2 Fresco 01. The colour is perfect and if I have fake tan on (rare occassion) I have a darker on in Ivory Beige I use.

Do you have a "go to" Product?