Kiss Full Cover Nails, Square Short...

NOTD....or rather night

Here are my nails from date night....
Tools set out

Measure the nails against your own and lay out

Glued on
This is a skill on its own. I find its best to put glue on the back of the nail and slide it onto your own nail. But you have to be quick with this or you are in danger of gluing your fingers to the nail! Tricky...I have air bubbles on most of my nails in this pick which means they will not last and will pop off. When I am wearing these nails I carry the glue with me just in case.
These are square short but I prefer these a bit shorter so I have a cutter from Salon Services which cost me about €12

As you can see from this pic above these are neat and tidy nails...

These paint well and the polish last really well

Close up

Kiko 326 and Barry M NP 349

What you think?



  1. Ooh, pretty! I am so into Kiko these days too xo

    1. Ya Kiko is great but make sure you have a good base coat on.

      Love them and they are cheap!!


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I do love nail polish and all things nails..I never feel dressed unless they are done. I have nice lace wraps for my weekend away...


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