Looking Forward...

I love this article by Sitting on a bench called "looking forward" This was done with Christmas in mind. It has inspired me to think about my year ahead and what I am looking forward to...in 2013

Let me see...
  • Evenings getting longer, hate how it gets dark early in Winter time, so looking forward to the long evenings
  • Spring, my daffodils, god I hope they are growing!!
  • Doing some work on the house
  • Being more crafty and getting a glue gun....lol
  • Going to collect things that can be recycled...in a crafty way
  • Booking my holidays...wish list, revisit my fav's NYC and Lanzarotte and Machester for a match
  • Working blog things
  • Meeting my new blog buddies.....This I am really looking forward to
  • Printing more photos and hanging them
  • Having a "good things" jar, write down the good things that happen and put them in a jar, I like this!
  • Buying a great new note book for 2013
  • And Life surprises
These are not resolutions, I don't do resolutions because I wouldn't have the will to see them true.

What are you looking forward to?



  1. Evenings getting longer pleases me a lot! wishing you and yours a very Happy new year:) Hopefully we will get a blogger meet up going sometime:)
    ~Anne xx

  2. Definatly organising a blog meet up in Jan/feb
    Fingers crossed

  3. Happy New Year J! I love the idea of a "good things" jar, might implement that one myself! And of course the blogger meet-up too, that would be great. Here's to an exciting 2013!


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