I mentioned I was heading off to Manchester City for a weekend break with the Hubbie.  I am glad to say we had a lovely time...

Flew with Ryanair for €40 return, bargan...
Hubbie and I chilling waiting to depart!
At the front of the Ryanair line: Now this was an experience in its self as we usually hang back, get on at the end and with Ryanair we are usually not flying too far so sitting separately is ok. But we found ourselves first in Don't laugh at the socks tied around the suitcases, to easily recognize them...
Woo Hoo ,first in line!
Where we stayed...
Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel. Location,location, location...perfect.Will do a separate post on the hotel

What we did...

Day 1.
We are Man U all the way in our house so being the dutiful wife I went off to Man U v Sutherland in Old Trafford on Saturday.
Took the tram from outside our hotel to Trafford Bar and walked 10 minutes to the stadium.We won 3-1. Great excitement and fun.
This is the team warming up.
Headed back to town afterwards. Had dinner in Hotel as I was too lazy to go anywhere else. And headed to the huge Primark at the end of the street to do a wee shop! Bought a few bits...
Back to hotel for drinks and bed!!

Day 2.
All the times we have been to matches in Old Trafford, we have never done the stadium tour, so as a treat to Hubbie off we went to the stadium to do the tour...Jess, I am a good wife!! We were 2 minutes late to eat breakfast in the Red Cafe, which I have to say, I was so disappointed about it. I thought it would have more of a sense of occasion about just looks like a canteen....a school one! So had coffee and waited for the tour. Enjoyed it so much. May do a separate post on this.

Back to town to do more shopping. I have to admit I wasn't as successful as my Hubbie. I think lately I have got some nice bits at home I really wasn't looking very hard and also conscious of the sales coming up.I bought some bits and so did Hubbie.

Walked the markets, drank hot chocolates,  Signitues from Starbucks, my fav and headed back to hotel for dinner.....again too lazy.

Morning of Day 3.
Squeezed in a couple of hours shopping in the morning, Primark was open at 8am, before we had to head back to hotel to get train to airport.

Manchester is lovely for shopping. The Arndale shopping center is huge. But I am thinking next time, we may stay somewhere closer to the Trafford Center to experience the shopping there and stay away from the city center!

Sometimes its just lovely to get away and stroll about, drinking coffees, chatting and chilling out.....



  1. Sounds lovely! Glad you enjoyed…you need a wee break like that now and again. What a bonus that they won too! Avril x

    1. we had a lovely time, more weekends like that as a new years resolution!!


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