Musings of an Infant Blogger...

Blogger Network/Group:
We are growing!!
The Flaky Fashionista
Sweet like Cinnamon
Anne, Heat and Soul
Raindrops and Daisys
The Magpie Girl
Mum of all Trades
School Gate Style 
and me

Bloggger Stats:
These confuse me..I have to admit I don't spend too much time looking at these but I would like to understand them more.

Here is what I learned...
Referring URL's: This is using a serach engine to search for a blog name
Referring Sites: This is where another site is used to get to your blog
Search Keywords: This is where you can enter in "musing of an infant blogger" into a search engine to and the hit is your blog.....I think....
Audience is my favorite stat, I love to see page views from a new country listed there....

Twitter Updates Gadget:
Not working. It was when I installed it originally but then my latest tweets were not showing on my blog. So I tried to fix it....didn't work. So I removed it and used HTML to install a Twitter works!

Christmas Countdown Gadget:
I honestly could not you have one?

Hope you all had a nice weekend!



  1. Hmm...goes off to google Christmas countdown widgets...!

  2. I love your Christmas countdown clock. I have my own personal version, with a little girl who gleefully informs me every morning how many sleeps are left:)

    1. I am all for Christmas spirit,I also have a countdown on my phone!!


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