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Blogger Meet Up:
No new additions this week but  not too worry...I am so looking forward to meeting with you all. And if you know a fellow blogger friend who would like to come, let them know...invite them!

The Flaky Fashionista
Sweet like Cinnamon
Anne, Heat and Soul
Raindrops and Daisys
The Magpie Girl
Mum of all Trades
School Gate Style 

And Me

Everything is a blog:
It's amazing that when you start blogging everything you do is a blog, everything you see is a blog. My biggest problem currently is that I am heading to Manchester.I am flying with Ryanair and I have no checked in luggage. So do I take my good Cannon, which will take up vital shopping space in my carry on or do I rely on my phone!!!

I will leave you with my morning view as I drink my coffee...

Frosry Morn



  1. Don't know why you're hesitating ... use your iPhone! The shopping is way more important :)

    1. I know what is wrong with me....It's just the Cannon is such better decision phone it is!


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