Top 10 Searches....

I googled this..
This week a report of Google's top 10 searches for the year were published and in the top ten questions start in with “How do i…..” were the questions” how do I knit and how do I crochet.” 

his is actually my sister knitting...
I have to admit I was one of these people to google these questions. If your interested in starting up one of these pastimes, there are crochet/knitting sets in Lidl at the moment starting from €1.99

Here are some great sites to start off and here

Hope these give you some help starting out.

Best of luck!


  1. This made me giggle as I for some reason get emails about crochet all the time!! lol - must be something I signed up to ages ago. Have enjoyed your posts Bee - some competition for sis perhaps?? ;) Avril x


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