Weekend Jibber Jabber....

It is our wedding anniversary and we are off to Manchester for a little weekend away...So looking forward to it....

While I am gone, my sister is going to guest blog. So she will have some lovely posts for you, who I, must add, is not a blogger. On Monday there will be no Monday Musings of an Infant Blogger.

Enjoying this week...
  • Christmas Tunes: I love Andre Bocelli. I am a huge fan of Andrea. Bought this CD last year and so loved bringing it out this year, dusting it down and playing it. Think this may be a new Christmas Tradition.My Hubbie had a lovely surprise for me last Sunday morning when he had Sky Plused Andrea Bocelli - My Christmas on Sky Arts 2 for me. So I enjoyed it during my long Sunday lie in!!

  • Christmas Cards: Mine are all done and posted.....and love getting them in the post
  • Planning Christmas Dinner: I have the food list done out and split is out between all of my siblings, so Mum doesn't have too much to do.Even my brother will have to do some food shopping. 
  • Christmas Carol Service: It was lovely and so festive. We had ours on Monday night, lots of singing!
  • Working with my sister: As she is guest bloggin, we are working on her posts for Life, loves and..and its so much fun
  • Updating my Santa list: It was well over due...
Not enjoying this week...
  • Weekend Away Packing: So hard to decide what to bring... I only have carry on and plan to only wear what I am wearing over so my bag is empty for shopping.

Have a lovely weekend,folks



  1. Sounds like you're all organised! I need to get cracking on my cards xo


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