Weekend Jibber Jabber....

A big thanks to my sister for guest blogging for me while I was away. She had never blogged before and was up of the challenge when I suggested it to her. Good woman, Bee! Thank you all for your kind comments on her posts. She was delighted! I have her for "Not So Secret Santa", so Bee it's going to be fab!

Manchester was fab....loved it...been before and will go again...The week was short because we were away.
Christmas next....can't wait. I am all organised. Just have to pack my bags for home and I love doing that.

Enjoying this week...

  • Counting the days to Christmas.....
  • Wrapping Pressies: It never ceases to make me happy 
  • Christmas Lights: looking at the lights when driving home in the dark
  • Linking up my christmas tree: Spotted this when enjoying my daily read of Heart & Soul so popped over to Kimberlys Korner to link me tree! Fun!
  • Making Mulled wine and mince Pies: That is my plan for the weekend!

Not Enjoying this week....

  • Nothing.....great!


  1. Delighted you linked up your tree...I am making mince pies too. Have a lovely weekend!
    ~Anne xx

    1. ya, it was fun, I made the mince pies last night will mince pie tray bake and cut them into squares....yum
      enjoy the weekend!


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