Weekend Jibber Jabber...

I hope we made it all safe through the Christmas... I took a break and I really enjoyed it. I am a bit tired from all the commotion but happy all the same.Everything went off smoothly.....Though I really missed my blog....kiss kiss!

So much to say....and where to begin....

Santa was good to me! Got some nice gifts, I may do a post later to show off what I got....lol
I ate relatively well over the Christmas....and drank moderately...it wasn't planned, I wasn't really hungry for eating, if you know what I mean, I ate no biscuits or sweets and drank very little....I think its a Christmas miracle!!!Thought the TV was kinds rubbish, but I do have some films Sky plused for the weekend...Girl with Dragon Tattoo, to name but one!

Highlights of the Christmas were....

  • Everyone home safe on Christmas Eve. Always a worry when my family are driving.
  • My sisters CRACKING mulled wine on Christmas eve
  • My gifts....
  • Board Games.Monopoly,Smart Ass, The 5 second Rule and Outburst. They were our savour this Christmas, I won one game! Another Christmas miracle!!!
  • Christmas Photos...
What were your highlights??

Things that didn't get done....
  • Mince Pie Tray Bake: I saw Rachel Allen make this on TV. So I tried it out last week, ate all the mince pies and said must make one for home, never did. I will post next week. It so handy for making mince (Pie) squares
  • Xmas Decorations  That I didn't get around to making, a door hanging, a decoration, counter display, find a use for spare Christmas baubles I had...the list is endless....
Christmas Projects not done!!
Things I will do today....online Sales shopping,with Hubbie and a spin into town to do some food shopping, and a quick nose in the shops.....oh and get dressed!!



  1. Aw..missed you too! I could only manage 5 days too - just posted some of my sales buys today. Sounds like you had a great Christmas and what a bonus that you don't have to do a post-xmas diet! Happy New Year and hopefully we'll get meeting up in 2013. Avril x PS hurry up with the present show-off..dying to see them!

    1. Sales buys.... I spent the evening shopping online and bought NOTHING!!


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