Abortion Debate in Ireland...

In Ireland, we don't have abortion.You cannot have an abortion here in Ireland and currently there is a political debate happening in order to legislate for abortion in Ireland.

I tend to shy away from controversial topics such as this. But I am going to take the plunge here.

The reality about Ireland is that Irish Women are traveling to the UK or further afield to have abortions.

I can't help but think that this is not a question about right or wrong, the stark reality is that "Irish women" are already having abortions, just not here in Ireland.Whether these services come to Ireland or not an Irish woman who wants an abortion are going to have one.

I don't think it's up to the "for or against" groups to decide this, or equally the lobby groups

And what about these women who decide to have an abortion, are we failing them as a society by not supporting their choice, their circumstance, their lives?I think we are failing them. As a collective, I don't believe it is right to decide "No to abortion in Ireland" when we don't understand the individual situations that lead Irish Women to choose abortion. These situations are so complex and each individual situation is equally harrowing for each woman, and no situation should take precedence over another situation.

I can't help but feel that as a nation we are not providing services for these women who wish to terminate their pregnancies and are failing them by subjecting them to travel (and the difficulties that come with that) to avail of these services. To me, the reason why they choose termination is not for the public to debate or decide,it's the individuals choice, choosing termination is not an easy choice and not an easy thing to do. Irish women live with that loss forever.

I am not for or against, I am for choice, services, support of Irish Women. I want Irish women to have a choice. I would like, if I chose to have a termination, that I would be able to do it in my own country and be in the care of my country.

I don't entertain facts about how abortions are done or "scary " facts.The honest truth is, I don't want to know. Does that make me socially irresponsible, maybe, but that is my choice. I don't think it's about "for or against", I think it's about providing services for Irish women who are already availing of this service abroad.

The Reality:
Abortion is here in Ireland, Irish women may not have the procedures here but they live with it here. Abortion is already in Ireland.

Please Note:
These are my personal thoughts on this subject, I understand it's a very controversial subject, I respect all opinions on this subject. I feel I have gone out on a limb here on this post as I have not posted something like this before and I hope not to offend any one. These are my personal thoughts, I will respect yours if you respect mine.



  1. Pro choice here too. Its actually a bit mad to think that abortion is still illegal in Ireland I almost forget! Great post - enjoyed reading this hun xx

    1. Thanks for commenting on this post.I tend to shy away from writing posts like this.


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