Photos on Canvas...

I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it on Pinterest courtesy of Little Bit Funky

You need:
Tissue paper cut to A4 size
  • Tissue paper, I used white and cut it to A4 size so it will feed through my printer. I bought it in Easons for about €2, got 4 large sheets.
  • Mod Podge and a brush
  • A Canvas, I bought a pack of 4 20x20 at my local discount store for about €5 or €6 
  • Scissors
  • And 20 minutes

I also ironed it so the tissue paper is not wrinkled
Pick you photo you want to use 

Feed the tissue paper to the printer, I have an ink jet printer.I watched mine closely as it went through the printer in case it got stuck. I was nervous this was not going to work!

Mod podge the canvas. Make sure the coating is nice and smooth and gets into the bumps in the canvas.I did not put mod podge on the sides. You could if you wanted but I cut the edges 
Then place the tissue paper photo carefully over the canvas and gently smooth out the bumps. I cut the edges around the sides of the canvas. I let it dry a bit and then gently brushed a light coating of Mod Podge all over and especially the sides.

Finished product. Love these....They don't have to be perfect, all flaws add to the rustic look of photos on canvas. There were lines on my tissue paper print out, don't know why but I like it and it added to the affect.

Now to decide where to hang them...



  1. You must have tremendous patience but the end result is great. And it's lovely to finally see you J!

  2. Oh your good, no flys on you, spotting me!! Ya I am slowing outting myself on my blog.

  3. Ohh this is cool!! What is mod podge though? Bex x

    1. Mod Podge is like a white glue and it drys clear. You can get it in any art supplies shop
      Chekc it out here also:
      These were totally fun to do and I want to do more!

  4. You look lovely J

    I don't know what mod podge is?
    but whatever the canvas turned out brilliantly.

    Well done.

    1. Thanks Fiona, I am slowly outting myself on my
      Mod Podge is like a white glue and it drys clear. You can get it in any art supplies shop
      I was delighted with the way they turned out

  5. So glad you answered the Mod Podge question…I was wondering the same…and thinking about Podge & Rodge…lol. But seriously, that is the dogs! Love it!! x


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