I am obsessed with Pinterest.

Anyone who follows me on Pinterest will know I am obsessed with crafts with about 200 pins on my craft board. I am so obsessed with recycling things

I currently have some a few crafty things on the go at the moment.

A sneak preview....Some successful, some not...I will post about them later

Things I have observed about Pinterest....and about me!

  • In Crafts, Mod Podge, is like a cult product. I had to have some. Got some yesterday in my local craft shop for €6
Mod Podge
  • Hair And Beauty, everyone is obsessed with curls and braids
  • I only look at Hair and Beauty, DIY and Crafts and Women Fashion Pins. Am I missing out?
  • I am unable to throw out anything, I have to keep toilet rolls centers, boxes anything basically I could up cycle.My utility room is quickly filling up.My head had really done a u turn, before something gets binned I am first thinking what I could do with it and then just in case checking out Pinterest for inspiration.
  • There is so much inspiration for nails and nail art!

Do you use Pinterest? Is anyone as obsessed as me? I love it!



  1. on pinterest i also look at a lot of home decor- like how to arrange a room. it's SO addicting and inspiring! but i love the crafts too, i probably have around 200 also haha. now when are we gonna make all those exactly?!

    1. Hi Marlen
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. I am so determined to try out my pinterest projects. I have two on the go at the moment!
      I am off to make a cup of earl grey and have a read of you blog!


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