Up Cyclying Biscuit Tins...

Part 1

Have loads of these sweet and biscuits tins left over from Christmas...

I always save these. I just can't seem to throw them out. So on a recent visit to my sister, I brought some buns I made and I transported them in a used biscuit tin. Pretty when you have biscuits in them but not so pretty when I had my muffins in it!!

So I went on Pinterest to see if I could see what I could do with to recycle these tins.

I spotted these

Mine are not so good or as pretty. That is why I have named this post part 1 as I am going to do a part 2.

Biscuit tin and spray paint in a cream colour

Prep a area to spray so the spray does not go everywhere

Spray in even sweeps 

Finished Product
This one turned out ok. I did spray on the paint too heavy and it kinda ran down the side and dried in a wave.

So Part 2, I am going to sand the tin, prime it and take my time spraying it

Will keep you posted!

I would have liked some kind of stenciling on this tin in a green colour but I have none and I need to think a bit about that.



  1. I love going mad with the spray paint J! I find if you stand well back and give it about three very light coats it helps with the running down the sides thing! Great idea and very handy for bits and bobs in the cupboards:)

  2. Thanks Ann for the tip, I had another go at this today and I hope it turns out a wee bit better. Used a primer today

  3. Brilliant idea - looks great! You don't get USA up in Norn Iron - didn't realise they still made them…ah, the memories! Avril x

    1. Ya, they still make them. lol I am doing the second attempt of this tin spraying this weekend to see if I can improve the finish.
      Glad to inpsire a trip down memeory lane!


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