Wee Baskets...

Since I discovered Pinterest, DIY and crafts, I swear it has awakened something inside of me and I am obsessed.

So instead of just pinning them, I am going to make a conscious decision to make them
My attempt!
Idea came from the lovely Lia at www.ellinee.com, diy-upcycled-fruit-basket

So here is my first of my Pinterest Crafts attempt. Lots of pics here! be warned
I used a big Dunnes bag, also superglue as I wanted the paper to stick quick

Cut along the side and cut off the bottom

Cut off the handles

Mark off 18 1.75" strips

Cut them out

Fold 12 of them in to thirds

Weave 6x6 like so

Glue 2 strips to make large ones, need 3 large strips

Fold in third

Weave the large strips into the sides of the basket

use paper clips if need to secure edge

Getting there, can be fiddly

Then trim off and tuck in

Measure and trim


Finished product!
This was such fun to do and I have made 3 so far, 2 from brown paper bags and one from a white bag. Thanks to Lia at www.ellinee.com for the inspiration!



  1. These are fantastic! Such a simple idea but they look so effective.

    1. The first one I made was both frustrating and fun, but the more I made the faster I got, totally fun,
      You should have a go!

  2. Turned out really really well!

  3. Replies
    1. Emma, thanks for stopping by, the baskets were fun to do and pass an hour!

  4. I really liked this - well done for having a go! I seem to pin so much and never get round to doing it!!! x

    1. well I am the same I keep pinning things and not doing them or attempting them. It was fun making these. I have discovered I love doing little things like this!


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