Weekend Jibber Jabber...

All back to normal again. Fun and festivities all over. 

January a time for diets, resolutions, tidying, work....all new beginnings. I was a flurry myself as I resumed blogging on Wednesday. I was full of lists, ideas, organizing, researching, etc

Enjoying this week...
  • Blogging: I missed it so much!
  • Making plans: This month we are going to spend the weekend with one of my sisters for her birthday and meeting up with friends who are moving to Canada this month.
  • Summer Hols: Canada....lol...free accommodation. 
  • Game of Thrones: I am on the 4th book. Loving it. I watched the first two episode of the box set just to see Sean Bean as Eddard Stark (YUM) and what Jon Snow, Daenerys, Tyrion Lannister and other characters looked like. Also to see if I was pronouncing Usurper and Targaryen right....lol. 
  • New Ring Tone and Wallpaper for Phone: Still have Jingle Bells but have new wallpaper.Any suggestions?
  • No Resolutions: I am enjoying NOT making any resolutions....lol

Not Enjoying this week...
  • Christmas Decorations. As soon as the the first of Janurary comes I just want to tear down the decorations. It will take all me will power to leave them till the weekend!
  • Friends Emigrating: They have the tickets booked and are about to embark on a whole new life, full of adventure, promise and fun. 
Have a nice weekend folks!



  1. Always sad to see friends leaving but as you say you may get to visit somtime:) Enjoy your weekend!


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